Get Inspired: Best 20 Resource Blogs For Small Businesses (1)


by 123FormBuilder

Here at 123FormBuilder we are dedicated to help small businesses evolve by offering professional form building solutions for lead generation, information management and e-commerce. We already have a buzzing community of SME entrepreneurs among our best acquaintances, as you may see on the Testimonials and Case Studies page. Today we wish to share some food for thought.

If you seek for the best news, industry rumors and business advice, then search no more. These 20 blogs are especially crafted to offer resources for entrepreneurs (current and future!) and for small business owners. Whether you own a neighborhood fine-dining or you’re just about to launch the next smashing mobile app, find here a good dose of bright ideas to keep your small business up and running.

    1. All Business Blog Center

You will definitely bookmark this gem. It covers a wide range of topics like Startups, Franchising and economics, with fine written viewpoints from experts. Browse deeper and you will find a section that offers downloadable official business forms and whitepapers to learn about business plans and credits.

    1. Provoke Blog Canada

Vicky, Trudy and Karen are your specialized guides to problem solving. Their advice on this blog will help shape your communication, marketing and advertising strategy. Articles are always energetic and uplifting – pure bliss!

    1. Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review is clearinghouse for knowledge resources, all-business related. The brand is established since 1922, and so is the authoritative thinking of its writers. Beeline for HBR webinars to hear experts talking on business how-to’s and topics of the day.

    1. Customer Evangelists Blog

Ben McConnell and his team do a brilliant job in analyzing the ups and downs of customer relations. You will learn how to effectively solve your clients’ problems and build customer loyalty. Because these two are doubtlessly connected, you know.

    1. Small Business Trends

Good and timely content that pinpoints the latest trends in small business, this is what you will find in this blog. They link to in-depth expert articles, comment on news and give pertinent personal opinion.

    1. Marketing Profs

When it comes to the marketing side of your business, it’s best to filter the ton of information on the web and trust only experts. This blog delivers advice and training with an edge.

    1. Small Business Brief

This blog discusses the essential capital that every entrepreneur should have – a positive mindset. If you need easy bits of information you can digest at a cup of tea, this is the place to go.

    1. Small Biz Bee

Multi-business entrepreneur Matthew Ringer delivers insights on how to set up and market a small enterprise. Updated on a daily basis, this blog has tips for everyone, from business owners to department executives.

    1. Biz Sugar

Basically a social bookmarking site covering business information, Biz Sugar is filled to capacity with useful tips and analysis from tens of web sources. All things to all people, this is their household word.

    1. My Venture Pad

A Social Media Today LLC site, My Venture Pad teaches great lessons about leadership and business growth. Several authors contribute to this fast paced blog that is always an interesting read.

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