New feature: Custom Email Templates

Up to now, the notification email sent at form submission contained the entire filled in form. This was the message sent to the form owner and to other specified recipients. While this is still the best way to deliver submission content, there are cases when you want only specific submission information to be delivered by email. (Complete submissions are always to be found in your Submissions section.) Or maybe you don’t want to receive user input by email but, instead, get a short notification message, simply letting you know that the form has been filled out by somebody.

We’ve just released custom email templates, a feature that enables you to receive notifications customized in terms of content, layout and appearance. You can create new email templates in your SettingsNotificationsCustomize Emails section.

Email Templates

Click on Manage to open the customization lightbox and press Create New to set up a new email template. When the Preview is OFF, you can view and edit the HTML code of the notification template. Let’s go over several common customization options.

1. Less submission content. When you don’t want to include all user input in the notification email, delete the form fields that you don’t need. What you see in the customization lightbox is the code for the HTML table that holds the notification email content. Form fields are contained in individual rows, which are marked by the <tr> and </tr> tags (beginning and end). Delete the code for the rows that you want out and save the new email template.

Custom Email Templates

2. No submission content, just an alert message. We started working on this feature when one of our users told us that he wanted to receive only an email alert and then to access the submission in his 123FormBuilder account. Now you can achieve this by deleting the entire predefined content of the notification email and typing the alert message instead. Quick note: If you want to insert a line break, use the tag <br /> instead of pressing Enter.

3. Message containing user input. You can create notification email templates consisting in more elaborate alert messages that contain user input elements. Use the codes listed on the right side of the customization lightbox to do this. Example: [%Name%] has just filled out your form and can be contacted at [%Email%]. Such codes can be used for each of the form fields and bring user input into the notification message.

4. HTML/CSS customization. If you like to play around with HTML and CSS, you can change and style the default submission table to brand the email template in the way that suits your company image best or you can start setting up an email template from scratch.


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    Can we get you guys to create a few example templates, or are there some lying about? 🙂

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