Examples of Custom Email Templates

Last time, we announced the release of a new platform feature: custom email templates. Now, at your suggestion, we’re gonna see exactly how to create the four custom email templates mentioned before. The form below is the one we’ll use in our examples.

Custom Email Templates - Contact Form

Normally, the notification message would look like this:

Email Notification

1. Less submission content. First, we want the notification email to contain less form fields. Say we need only the Email and the Message. We’re going to delete the fields Name and Phone. Create a new email template (at first, new templates are default message duplicates) and remove these fields from the HTML code. Each form field starts with the tag <td> and ends with </td>.

Custom Email Template 1

Save the new template and you’ll get this result:

Custom Email 1

2. No submissions content, just an alert message. When you don’t want to receive any of the submission content via email, just a notification letting you know that a form submission has been made, delete the entire submission table from the custom email template and type your alert message instead. Use the tag <br /> to insert line breaks.

Custom Email Template 2

Now, you’ll get this message via email, telling you that you should check the Submissions section to view the content of the form submission received. This is an option that could appeal most to the clients for whom you’ve created 123FormBuilder subaccounts.

3. Message containing user input. The notification alert can contain user input. It doesn’t have to be displayed within a table, as it is in the default message, but can be placed anywhere in your message. Use the codes displayed on the right side of the customization lightbox to create the template. Here is an example:

Custom Email Template 3

Here is the result:

Custom email 3

4. HTML/CSS customization. With some HTML and CSS skills, you can customize the email template in any way you wish. If you create a completely new template, don’t forget that you can use the codes on the right to include user input in the message. In our example, we’ll just add some color to the default notification message.

Custom Email Template 4

Custom Email 4

These are just the most obvious possibilities for customizing your notification emails. If you’ve got any other ideas, please share them with us! And feel free to request assistance for setting them up.

Quick note: No matter what the notification email template is, the full submission content will always be available in your Submissions section.

Also, keep in mind that the customizations described here can be done for autoresponder messages, as well.


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