The Smart Way to Send Online Proposals: Quote Roller


by 123FormBuilder

When it comes to approaching prospective clients, showcasing what your business can do for them in a concise, yet elloquent and persuasive form is often a delicate aspect that takes up more time and nerves than you want to invest. Quote Roller is an estimating software solution that helps you create and send business proposals online quickly and effectively.

With Quote Roller, a sleek business proposal can be set up and sent in no more than 15 minutes. Negotiation status is tracked by the engine and presented in an easy to comprehend form. In order to keep things as simple and fast as possible, once your company profile, catalog or client information was introduced into the system, it is saved for future use and can be retrieved or edited with a mouse click.

One of the best parts about Quote Roller is its logical and intuitive interface. Try as you might, you won’t find anything redundant or complicated about it. Still, the Quote Roller solution covers all the features needed to build awesome business proposals. Also a major advantage, the service facilitates teamwork – more team members can create, review and send online proposals, while recent updates are listed on the account dashboard.

Quote Roller - Send Your Online Proposal

The catalog. The catalog section is split into services, products and subscriptions. To add a new entry, you simply need to type in its name, price and – if that’s the case – description and it will be saved for good. When you create a proposal, the system invites you to select the catalog items that you want to include and generates a neat pricing table. Catalog entries can be updated at any time.

The clients. With Quote Roller, you can set up and manage effortlessly a very useful client database. New client information will be inserted manually, from CSV/Excel files or through third party applications. Quote Roller integrates beautifully with Freshbooks, Highrise and Capsule, among other third parties. When you send a proposal, you just have to select the targeted clients from your list.

The content. One of the most difficult tasks when writing a proposal is structuring content. Quote Roller’s growing Community Library provides a professional proposal template collection, with sample proposals from fields such as event management, web and graphic design, marketing and many more. Proposals are split into ordered sections in which you will insert text, images, videos or even PDF files describing your company and offer.

Quote Roller - Online Business Proposals

The presentation. To customize proposal appearance, you can select a predefined theme or create your own one. Clients will receive a custom email with a link to your online proposal. An interactive proposal version is hosted on your Quote Roller subdomain (generated at sign up), where clients can view, accept or decline it or start a discussion that you’ll manage in the Quote Roller interface. Alternatively, clients can download the PDF version.

The status. With Quote Roller, it is amazingly easy to manage and track proposals. You’ll be notified every time the proposal status changes. All the activity related to your online business proposal is kept in one place, so as for you to have a clear picture of its development. And thanks to Quote Roller’s integration with Context.IO, the online proposal service can connect to your email box and aggregate all messages pertaining to a proposal.

Now that you got to know Quote Roller, here are the five steps required to create a proposal: 1. Choose a template. 2. Select the recipients. 3. Choose the products / services / subscriptions. 4. Edit the proposal template in a WYSIWYG editor. 5. Send your online proposal.

Whenever you want to create, send and track compelling online proposals, Quote Roller is the perfect service to use. On the one hand, this proposal management tool provides a clean framework and professional resources. On the other hand, it makes you much more eager to send business proposals. Because, indeed, it has never been easier to do it.


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    That’s exactly what i’m lookin’ for.
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