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The Best Google Forms Survey Templates

If you didn’t use a form builder like Google Forms before, or if you’re trying to build a new form, one of the best ways to figure out how to best set up a form is by starting with a template. In this article we’ll look at a few Google Forms templates, and share with you our 123FormBuilder template alternative.

You can also take a look at our thousands of templates and steal these ideas for your Google Form. Here are some Google Forms survey templates and why they are useful.

  1. Contact form

As a small business owner or service provider, we need to keep in touch with existing customers and potential customers. Our responses to different requests or questions from customers can provide value and win them over to our solution. 

A simple capture of a message and basic contact information can go a long way if the potential customer can find it embedded on our website or associated with a QR code inside a marketing banner.

Check out 123FormBuilder’s contact form.

2. Event evaluation form

If we’re event organizers, we know how much anxiety can be linked with this difficult task. There is a lot of coordination involved and little details can prove very important and can become a source of frustration if they are left out.

That’s why getting in the habit of asking a few minutes from our participants to leave us a measurement of their satisfaction and some ideas of improvement can go a long way. 

It’s always a good idea to share with your participants, after the event has finished, an evaluation form for you to find out how you can improve.

3. Job seeker application form

As a small business owner it’s important to keep up with technology. This will  help you save time, money, and look more professional in the eyes of customers and new and potential employees.

Why not try and advertise a new job you need by using a job application form.  You’ll have a single place from which you can manage all your applications and you can be up to date in an instant with new applications.

Check out our job seeker application form.

4. Order form

Getting started with order intake for a new business or managing a large volume of orders can feel overwhelming. Instead of navigating this process manually, consider using an order form that you can share with customers or embed on your website. With this form, you’ll have access to a comprehensive list of all the orders received.

From this centralized platform, you can efficiently manage orders by sorting them according to your preferences. Additionally, you can integrate this order form with Google Sheets to seamlessly coordinate with your stock management system.

Give our Order Form a try to ensure that all your orders are promptly taken care of.

5. Party invite

Planning a party and staying organized with all the attendees’ needs can be a hassle, especially when managing multiple messenger chats or updating custom tables. Alternatively, perhaps you simply desire an attractive invitation form to stay up-to-date.

Regardless of your objective, having a party invitation form is a smart idea.

6. Time-off request

Simplify processes for your employees and centralize your request management by creating a time-off request form. Employees can access it independently, and you can easily approve or decline requests.

Optimize your business management with a time-off request form.

image showing a time off request form template
Time Off Request Form Template

Explore these Google Forms survey templates and our 123FormBuilder alternatives to streamline your form-building process. Whether you’re collecting contact information, evaluating events, managing job applications, processing orders, sending party invitations, or handling time-off requests, our templates have you covered.

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