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How to create a Google Forms job application

Embark on a familiar journey, whether you’re stepping into the world of job seeking or navigating the seas of recruitment. Simplify the path for both roles with an efficient job application form. Google Forms stands as the simplest tool to bring this to life. Dive into this article to discover the art of creating a seamless job application form. Plus, we’ll introduce you to the enhanced capabilities of 123FormBuilder for an elevated experience.

Steps to create a Google Forms job application

  1. Access Google Forms
  2. Click on Blank form card

3. Give your form a name so you could easily identify it. Also, you can provide a short description for your applicants. 

4. Now we begin building the actual form by adding form fields. Let’s start with the first field to collect the first and last name of the applicant. Add a Short answer field on your Google forms and provide the question label. Don’t forget to mark it as required by switching the toggle on for Required.

5. Add a new question on the form by clicking on the plus icon

6. Now that a new question has been added, let’s modify the type of the question from Multiple choice to Short answer in order to collect the applicant’s email address. Mark the field as required.

7. Add a new question to collect the phone number of your applicant.

8. Add a dropdown field on your form in order to collect for what type of position your applicant is submitting his resume. After selecting Dropdown for the newly added field, all you have to do is to provide the answering options one after the other.

9. The most important part is collecting the resume of your applicant. Add a new field and select File upload for the type of field. You will be prompted with information on how your respondents are able to upload their resume. Click continue.

10. File upload field has some settings that you can apply: you can allow only specific file types (let’s say you are interested in PDF files only); you can set a maximum number of files (let’s leave it with the default value, 1); you can also set the maximum file size.

11. Now, if you want to go the extra mile, you can customize the theme of the form by clicking on the palette icon. You can change the font and its size, upload an image for the header and change the colors of the form.

12. Once you are ready with the form, don’t forget to click on Send button in the header. You have multiple options of sharing your form with the applicants: via email, via link, or you can choose to embed it as HTML. Note: if you have a file upload field on your Google form, you can not embed it as HTML.

123FormBuilder: a more versatile alternative to Google Forms

While Google Forms can help you create a job application form, 123FormBuilder offers you more advanced features and more versatile templates & design for your use case. 

You can start your 123FormBuilder job application form from blank – meaning you create it from scratch, or you can start directly from our templates. Leave your creativity flow and use our no-coding platform that allows you to bring more advanced customizations to your form. 

Job Application Form Template

Once you have started collecting data through your 123FormBuilder job application form, you can:

In summary, creating a Google Forms job application simplifies the recruitment process for both job seekers and employers. This guide has shown you how to easily set up and customize a form on Google Forms, as well as the advanced features and flexibility offered by 123FormBuilder for those needing more detailed analysis and design options. By using these tools, you can streamline your hiring process, attract the right candidates, and make well-informed decisions efficiently.

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