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    As promised, we’re back with an inspiring interview with  Denisa  Chirila, our HR manager. Read on to get a unique  insight into HR and  find out more about managing HR  processes effectively as Denisa  shares  her tips for Human  Resources management success, talks  about the  traditional  paper-based system, the main benefits of going paperless in HR and more.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and how you got into HR

I began to “taste” HR in February 2003, when I faced a professional challenge and I decided to embark on a career in Human Resources, from recruiting staff for various departments to coordinating administrative fields, training and payroll. I was trained in a culture with a focus on people development, creating customized plans to achieve performance. So I always try to identify people’s needs, as a key member of an organization with healthy values.

When talking about healthy values, PEOPLE are in always in the center.

How would you describe the company culture at 123FormBuilder?

123FormBuilder’s culture is really unique – sincere and straight-forward. And when I say that, I’m referring to the initiatives and team spirit, recognizing and encouraging learning, growth and performance, always finding innovative and trustworthy solutions within market trends.

What do you spend the most time doing every day?

A HR manager’s role is to actively participate with all departments in creating performance.

In addition to specific routines that offer solutions designed to facilitate processes, I spend time recruiting, evaluating performance in line with the objectives set and I am constantly up-to-date with the documentation in order to meet legislative requirements.

Furthermore, I hold periodical meetings with each team to identify immediate and future needs  and set expectations for long term.

What do you think is the secret of managing HR processes effectively?

The SECRET? The permanent desire to find solutions to the challenges that people test you with every day and also the capacity to maintain the balance between what you have available and the ability “to read” everyone’s particular need. In other words, mastering TIME MANAGEMENT.  

And how could this be possible if not by finding and applying the most efficient solutions? One of those effective solutions are actually WEB FORMS, applicable in numerous HR’s fields including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, compensations & benefits, engagements, performance review process, legislative requirements/forms (holiday request, travel request, leave request) and  training & development.

Is there something wrong with the traditional paper-based system?

Perhaps the traditional paper-based system is obsolete, requires extra effort to draft, it’s vulnerable to damage, more expensive and since it’s a manual activity it’s error prone and it can cause security risks.

In many HR areas, applying more automated solutions is fundamental. A professional HR Manager will definitely acknowledge when using an electronic document management system can subjugate the limitations that the paper-based system brings. And this is a proof for how open minded you are in an ever changing society.

So what are the main benefits of going paperless in HR?

The biggest advantage is being able to manage even the simplest of tasks which can nevertheless be time consuming. Even though the total elimination of paper is not possible, simply replacing printed forms with online forms will result in cost savings, increased efficiency and security.

Any tips for Human Resources Management Success?

Be there for people: listen to them either in electronic or paper format.

Do you have any funny HR stories to share?
Funny? I remember a story from the past. You may say that I’ve managed to see the funny side in realizing that not even 24h/day would be enough to recruit 55 open positions in only 3 weeks. Those who have experience in recruitment will understand this.

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Claudia Borceanu
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