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Tuesday Template: Online Volunteer Application Form, A Nonprofit Most-Wanted


by 123FormBuilder

Nonprofits are a source of energy, with the new projects and initiatives they start each day. All this positiveness often comes from the acknowledgement of having an impact on society and most important from the passionate volunteers surrounding the cause.
Finding the right people for your nonprofit can be a challenge that will determine the outcome of an event, a campaign or the future of your organization.
Often, your recruitment is boosted by a good volunteer application form. Finding the perfect formula for an appealing application form is difficult. You have to know exactly what you want to learn about your applicants and build the form according to your needs.
123FormBuilder gives you the tools to create and use online forms at full capacity, to benefit your organization the most. You can check our online volunteer recruitment form template; start from there and build it to your own needs.

Volunteer application form template

How can 123FormBuilder help you create a good online volunteer application form?

Every form can be unique and serve its own purpose. With 123FormBuilder, you have a variety of customization options to brand each form. With the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) interface you can see the outcome while editing the form. This way it is easier to add fields have the form in the exact format you want.

In addition to the user friendly interface, you can have some special settings that will make your volunteer application form stand out from the crowd.

If you offer international volunteering opportunities, it is a good idea to create a multilingual form and add translations so that applicants can fill the form in their native language. All the available translations will be shown in the top right corner of the form in a dropdown.

Also, if the opportunity presented is complex and you need relevant information about your potential volunteers you can either add an Upload button, so that they can submit their resumes, or build the form as a job application form with extended questions. Likewise, if the form is long and has multiple pages, it is preferable to add the Save later option, that will allow your applicant to save the form at its current status and finish filling it at a later time.

To make sure that you initiate a good communication with potential volunteers, you can start by customizing an autoresponder to thank them for applying and let them know any further details about the recruitment process.

If you present multiple volunteer opportunities that involve several departments from your nonprofit, you can choose to customize Email Notifications and automatically redirect the message to the right department by adding Confirmation rules. This way you will simplify the workflow and save time and effort.

Online volunteer recruitment template

Further, if you have a limited number of volunteers that you need at that moment, you can choose to save all volunteer applications by adding a file management integration to your form, such as Google Docs or Smartsheet. This will provide the opportunity to use the contacts at a later time when you need to conduct a new recruitment session.

123FormBuilder has many 3rd party applications which can ease your work. For example, an integration with a mailing system can help you distribute newsletters to people that already have an interest towards your cause. Take a peek at our applications section and you will see all your options.

Last, but not least you can generate buzz about your recruitment campaign. The volunteer application form can be easily shared on any social network, website or email. You can even choose to connect with Twitter and at each new application a new tweet will be sent to let your followers know your volunteers are gathering. It is a good call to action and can give your online supporters the extra nudge they need to find the courage to apply.

These are just a few tips which you can apply to create a good volunteer application form for your next recruitment campaign. Tell us what do you think about this way of creating application forms in the comments section below.

If you have nice form examples, don’t hesitate to share them on Twitter on #TuesdayTemplate.


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