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Create web forms with the drag & drop simplicity provided by the 123FormBuilder online form creator. Build custom forms with field validation, calculate inputs on the go, upload multiple files, sync your collected data with third-party apps, collect payments on the spot, and generate reports in real-time. And these are just a few things you can do with this online form builder. Ready to start building your online form?

Web form builder for contact forms

Build any type of online form with our user-friendly web form builder software. No coding required!

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Key features of our form creator:

  • No HTML, PHP, CSS or JS scripting needed
  • Drag & drop editor with custom layout options
  • 20+ predefined HTML fields to include on your forms - such as text, multiple-choice, file uploads, likert scales, and email
  • Option to create multi-page forms
  • Advanced features such as email notifications, payment options, calculation fields & security
    web form builder with mobile & tablet support

    Easy drag-and-drop form maker

    Whether you are looking for a simple HTML contact form, an email form, an online order form or an online survey, the 123FormBuilder form creator meets any of your form related needs. You can be a web designer that has thousands of forms to build or a small business owner without the necessary programming skills. With the 123FormBuilder online form builder, you can build forms and surveys without coding a thing!

    Customize a web form template or build your online form from scratch. With the visual drag & drop editor and form designer of our form builder, it's simple as 1-2-3! Customize the form layout as you see fit. Modify field dimensions such as width and height, place labels on the left, top or right side of the fields, select the characters encoding that you want to use and many other tweaks.

    Build the perfect-looking online form for your business. Give it the look and feel that fits your brand with just a few clicks, and if you need more, add your CSS code to the online form. Not only that, but you can save your design settings into a theme and use it on other forms.

    Create advanced website forms

    Translate your form in multiple languages that your responders may use. With 123FormBuilder, you can add custom translations to your form and all system messages that come with it.

    Strengthen your customer relationships with beautiful confirmation messages and notification emails that you can personalize from the ground up. Moreover, our online form builder lets you edit the email body and the subject line with user inputs. All the better for an awesome communication experience.

    Boost up your form conversions with conditional logic that is easy to set up on 123FormBuilder. Show or hide form fields based on specific user input. You can even trigger a certain confirmation message on email and redirect your form users to a certain web page, based on what they filled in the form.

    Reduce paperwork with online application forms that can be used in job recruitment, school admissions, and loans. There's no industry where 123FormBuilder cannot fit in with its multitude of features.

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    form maker with data reports

    Secure Online Form Builder with Database

    Collect information seamlessly in a cloud repository that your online form comes with. You can, then, access it from anywhere and process it for more in-depth analysis. Our online form builder can automatically aggregate your form responses into charts that will help you generate valuable insights. And if you want to save your form entries into a PDF, CSV or Excel file - it's only a click away in the form's data table.

    Protect your form data with numerous security options, such as smart CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, SSL, password protection, country filters, and data encryption. Moreover, 123FormBuilder is compliant with the ISO 27001 standard.

    Although 123FormBuilder is not an open-source form builder, it's flexible enough to accommodate any needs you may have for your web forms such as custom CSS, custom JS, API support, and webhooks. All the more to make this online form builder the best option for your business. Are you still looking for a reliable solution for your form building efforts? This web form builder might just be the tool you are looking for.

    Publish your web forms anywhere

    • Make beautiful forms for your Wix website
    • Collect business leads through web forms on Salesforce
    • Make contact forms that blend in your WordPress site
    • Receive messages from your Facebook fans
    • Integrate your online forms with your Joomla site
    • Use the dedicated 123 online form builder app for Weebly
    • Make forms that email you the right amount of information in your inbox

    Use the web form builder to turn your simple form into an order form with payment integration and other related features that will automate your sales funnel. Get paid in PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe and more. Connect your web form with third-party apps to pass form data into mailing lists or to upload files (MailChimp, Dropbox and more). Are you working with Google Sheets? Great! With the form maker by 123FormBuilder, you can streamline your data collection directly to a Google sheet on your Google account.

    A form builder has the mission to simplify the data collection process for any business by having a good UI and providing a code-free experience. Flexibility is another criterion that large enterprises can take advantage of when choosing the right online form builder. For more advanced functionality, such as white labels or HIPAA compliance, 123FormBuilder offers enterprise packages that are at a click away to explore.

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    Ready to use web forms templates

    Select the type of form you need for your business below or browse through our complete form templates collection.

    T-shirt Order Form

    Use this template
    T-shirt Order Form template

    Use this T-shirt order form to sell T-shirts online. Manage your orders easily in the form's database and receive notifications by email each time a new order is submitted.

    Use this template

    Contact Form

    Use this template
    Contact Form template

    Add this contact form template to your website and get messages sent directly to your inbox. Modify this contact form template easily, no programming skills needed!

    Use this template

    Work Order Request Form

    Use this template
    Work Order Request Form template

    Add this work order request form template to your organization, modify it easily and share it within the team or with your customers to receive work orders.

    Use this template

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