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How to upload images to Google Forms

No matter if we are talking about a Google Form or a 123FormBuilder form, we can all agree that a form needs to be engaging and easy for respondents to complete. 

You can easily customize your form by simply uploading images to it, for various use cases. Regardless if you are interested in creating an order form, a registration form or a feedback form, we will explain step by step how you can do that with both Google Forms and 123FormBuilder.

Let’s start from a blank form where we have a multiple choice question added by default. 

The first photo that we can upload is directly in the field label. Let’s say we are interested in finding out what type of flowers our respondents are interested in. We provide the field label question and then we can choose to upload a photo to be displayed directly in the field label. You can do this by clicking on the photo icon near the label.

Once clicked, a modal opens up with various options: you can upload a photo from your device, using your webcam, by URL, from your Google account, from your Google Drive or from Google Images.

Choose the option that best fits your needs.

After uploading a photo to be displayed in the question text, it will be displayed like below. Also, once the photo is uploaded, Google Forms provides several options for editing the photo. You can access those by clicking on the three dotted menu in the top left corner of the photo.

You can choose how to align the photo, you can change the photo or even remove it. For accessibility purposes, you can also provide a caption for the photo. 

Another way of uploading photos to your Google Form is for each answering option. All you have to do is to hover over the answering option and an image icon will be displayed. Click on it and upload the photo you are interested in following the same steps described above. 

Explore Image Upload Capabilities with 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder provides additional options for seamlessly integrating photos into your forms. Regardless of the form type you’re creating, we’ve got you covered with a range of fields. Explore why 123FormBuilder could be a better alternative for your diverse form creation requirements.

How to upload a photo with Product field

With 123FormBuilder, you can create a visually appealing order form by using the Product field. 

After adding the Product field on your form, to the right side of the screen you will notice all its available settings. In order to add a photo to the Product field, all you have to do is click on Upload an image. Select the image you are interested in uploading.

Voila, your 123FormBuilder form just got better! Don’t forget to customize the product name & description, set the price and unit of measure, if needed.

How to upload a photo with Embed image field

Whether you want to include your logo, an event poster or a photo banner, you can achieve this by adding an Embed image field on your 123FormBuilder form.

Once you’ve added your Embed image field, click on Upload an image and select the image you are interested in. 

You can resize the image by dragging by the blue line – once resized according to your needs, don’t forget to choose the alignment of the photo.

How to upload a photo with Single/Multiple choice field

You can always make your form more attractive and engaging by uploading photos to the answering options for Single & Multiple choice fields.

After adding such a field on the form, all you have to do is click on the image icons near each choice (highlighted in the photo below).

A new modal will be displayed containing all the choices and an image icon for each choice. You can upload an image to each choice by clicking on the corresponding image icon. If by any chance you have uploaded the incorrect image, you can change it by clicking on the Replace button or you can delete it by clicking on the trash icon. 

By default, the image choices are displayed one under the other. If you want to change this layout, all you have to do is change the number of columns for the choice field. 

You can do this by going to Layout – No. of columns and choose 3, for example. If you have 3 answering options and choose 3 as the number of columns, the choices are displayed one near the other, on a single line.

How to allow respondents to upload an photo on your 123FormBuilder form

You can give your respondents the option of uploading their own photos to your 123FormBuilder form. Let’s say you are interested in collecting photos for a photography contest. 

The File upload field is created exactly for this type of use cases. Once added on the form, you can customize the settings of the field. You can choose which file types to accept, which file types you want to reject and even set the minimum and maximum file size.

For our photography contest example, it would be useful if we could allow respondents to upload multiple files at once. You can easily use this option by simply enabling Allow multiple files, together with Allow folder upload

How can 123FormBuilder help you build an engaging form

Whether you want to upload a photo to your 123FormBuilder form or you want to collect photos from your respondents, 123FormBuilder can help you with all your use cases. 

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