Getting Your Volunteer Recruitment Strategies Right for 2017


by 123FormBuilder

Without a plan of action, execution is a hit-or-miss. The same applies for recruiting volunteers for your organization. Your volunteer recruitment strategy generally depends on your organization’s specific needs but here are a few things to consider when developing a volunteer recruitment plan:volunteer recruitment form template

Know and understand your audience

Knowing your audience is definitely an important aspect in establishing your recruitment strategy but  how can you actually get to know them? Start by finding out the answers to these questions: What do they care about? Do they believe in the cause or are they affected by it? What motivates them to act? Is social peer pressure an important factor?  What drives them to get involved and stay involved? Do they want to help improve or connect to their local community?

There’s no better and faster way to identify these answers than asking them to take a Volunteer Personality Quiz to find out what their best volunteer experience would be. 

Find ways to engage volunteers

So what would inspire your volunteers to get started? Whether it’s a job posting with a focus on the benefits of being a part of the project, your newsletter, your Facebook page or a YouTube video, find the best approach for your organization. Being active on multiple platforms will help you expand your each. You can even integrate your Volunteer Personality Quiz with Facebook for a better interaction.

Reach potential volunteers

There are numerous ways you can connect and interact with many skilled volunteers. Key examples of the best ways to do it include volunteer fairs, schools, volunteers clubs and centres, companies and corporations and last but not the least, social media platforms.

What tactics do you use to recruit volunteers for your Non profit organization? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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