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What Type of Form Thank You Pages Should You Have?

Getting quality leads tends to be a difficult task if you only rely on the existing pages of your website. So, is there something you can do to increase lead quality and land great clients just by adding a single page to your website?

As it turns out, there is. You can significantly increase lead quality by adding one simple page to your website. That is the Thank You page.

However, most businesses don’t have a good Thank You page or a strategy for it. Let’s dive into why you need to have one and what type of form Thank You page could work best for your business. 

What Is a Form Thank You Page?

It’s the page that a website visitor sees after filling out and submitting a form on a landing page. It’s also called the form Success page, and it’s usually the final step in the conversion process.

The Thank You page can be an excellent inbound lead nurturing component, but only if you know how to create a great one.

Why Should You Have a Form Thank You Page?

Let’s go through some major benefits of the Thank You page that will show you why you need to create and add one to your website.

First of all, a Thank You page facilitates further action. When a user has just submitted an e-form, it doesn’t mean that your job here is done. In other words, this is when you can present a new related offer that can stimulate further conversions.

Thank You page allows you to make better offers, incentives, and other opportunities that the user is already eager to act upon.

A complete Thank You page enables your business to collect more data and dive into deeper analytics and data management. With these pages, you have a chance to trace conversions back to previously viewed pages and quantify the bounce rate.

 Customers are more attracted to businesses that appreciate them as individuals. A simple confirmation doesn’t communicate that. For instance, some of the best Thank You pages are crafted as personal letters directly from a company’s employee.

The Most Popular Form Thank You Page Examples

Thank You page type depends on the goal you want to achieve. Some businesses want to engage a customer better, some want to gather information about the prospect, others even want to have a user download an item that would prompt further action.

Type 1: Contact form completion

This kind of page (contact form Thank You page) is designed to confirm that your customers have successfully completed their intended action. It also reminds them how the company will use the data they shared.

Also, please, keep in mind that the confirmation email shouldn’t be sent only for the sake of sending it. Craft it to let customers know that you want to deliver value. 

You can use our contact form generator to build eye-catching Thank You pages for your contact form without needing coding skills.

Type 2: Downloadable

Do you have a lead generation downloadable? If you plan on using it to generate leads, you should think about a Thank You page that offers downloadable content. This kind of action can help you keep your customers engaged on your website and increase the chances of engaging with your business more.

Type 3: Purchase confirmation pages

Thank You page that is designed to be a post-sale confirmation page is definitely worth considering. It’s a chance to surface similar, related, or complementary products. However, a business should customize the recommendations with an aligning offer (rewards program, coupons, etc.) to increase effectiveness.

Type 4: Appointments and reservations pages

When you land someone who has signed up for an appointment or a reservation, a Thank You page can be a chance to expand or extend the interaction. This type of page should encourage visitors to engage with the business further.

Type 5: Account creation Thank You pages

This page type is a good chance to ease your lead seamlessly into the onboarding or account setup process. The goal is to make the process easy for the users so they don’t even think about clicking away.

Make sure you also read our form success message examples that you can use on your Thank You page.

Looking for some inspiration on what exactly to say in your form success message? We have some ideas for you: 

Inspiring Thank You messages your forms should have

Things to look out for

Besides expressing gratitude, your Thank You page should also stimulate a person to take the desired action on your website. Here are some things to look out for when creating a Thank You page.

First of all, you need to check all the links. Make sure all of them lead to the relevant pages. 

Once you design the page, you need to deliver on your promise. It means that whatever incentive you plan on giving, make sure that it’s valuable and attractive.

Also, add the human touch, whether it involves adding a picture or a team member video. It will contribute to the credibility of your business.

On the other hand, never flood the page with too much content. Don’t add more than 4 or 5 lines on the Thank You page. Moreover, the page has to give some breathing space to the website visitors.

Last but not least, find a balance for the page design. Make it attractive enough but not too overwhelming, as the page has to be simple yet compelling.

Wrap up

Hopefully, you are now aware of how important Thank You pages are and what you need to add to your specific Thank You page. Keep your goal in mind, deliver on your page’s promise, and you will see the results in no time.

If you’re looking to build an online form with a custom Thank-You page message that you can fully control and design, try 123FormBuilder, a form builder that businesses worldwide enjoy using.

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