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Case Study: BI WORLDWIDE Improves Employee and Client Engagement with 123FormBuilder

Sometimes, companies need help engaging and keeping up with their employees to improve their work performance and satisfaction levels. Enter BI WORLDWIDE, an end-to-end agency specializing in providing businesses with customizable solutions for employees, sales, and customers based on behavioral economics.

Let’s explore how BI WORLDWIDE found in 123FormBuilder an ally in data collection and management for various clients.

Client Background

BI WORLDWIDE is a leading global provider of employee engagement solutions, helping organizations drive performance and increase employee satisfaction. 

With 25 sales offices throughout the US and headquarters worldwide and serving large clients, BI Worldwide aims to deliver tailored solutions that meet their clients’ diverse needs. 

After analyzing how emotions and thoughts drive human decisions, they provide end-to-end integrated solutions for employees, channels, sales, customers, and events. They also provide employee recognition systems, training for corporate employees, product launch management, and more. 

In short, BI WORLDWIDE focuses on providing clients with everything they need to succeed.

BI WORLDWIDE’s Challenge

BI WORLDWIDE faced the challenge of efficiently collecting and managing data for various client projects. These projects ranged from HR initiatives such as campaign t-shirt distribution to more complex tasks like managing online form responses. With a large enterprise client base, precision, reliability, and scalability were crucial factors in addressing these challenges.

The Solution

In 2018, BI WORLDWIDE integrated 123FormBuilder into its operations, harnessing its unique features to streamline data collection processes for its client projects. The versatile capabilities of 123FormBuilder allowed the agency to create customized forms tailored to each client’s specific requirements, addressing their diverse needs effectively. 

Whether it was gathering t-shirt quantity and size preferences or facilitating online reservations, 123FormBuilder provided the flexibility needed to accommodate diverse project needs.

Additionally, BI WORLDWIDE utilized the powerful prefilling capabilities of the Virtual Data Connector (VDB) offered by 123FormBuilder. This feature enabled seamless integration with existing systems, allowing efficient data prefilling and updating CSV files. 

While the agency does not usually process data in real time, the monthly data processing via CSV/Excel files ensures accuracy and reliability in delivering insights to clients.

 I have enjoyed working with 123FormBuilder over the past 2 years. I transitioned to this new role within BIW and have had a great customer experience with each of 123FormBuilders representatives. They are responsive to all my questions and find unique solutions for me and my clients. I would highly recommend 123FormBuilder!

– Joy McMerty, Buyer/Analyst

BI WORLDWIDE – 123FormBuilder Partnership Results

The partnership between BI WORLDWIDE and 123FormBuilder yielded significant results, enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficiency:

  • Increased Efficiency: The agency streamlined data collection processes, reduced manual efforts, and minimized errors using 123Form Builder’s intuitive interface, drag-and-drop editor, and customizable templates.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement: With 120+ forms deployed and an average of 800 submissions per month throughout 2023, BI WORLDWIDE successfully engaged clients and stakeholders, encouraging collaboration and driving project success.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: As its client needs evolved, it upgraded to 123FormBuilder’s Enterprise in 2021. This move opened the way to improved features and capabilities, ensuring scalability and adaptability to meet growing demands.
  • Improved Data Management: The integration of 123FormBuilder’s VDB facilitated seamless data integration and management, enabling the agency to efficiently prefill and update CSV files, further enhancing data accuracy and reliability.
  • Compliance and Security: With the transition to Compliance Cloud in 2023, BI WORLDWIDE demonstrated its commitment to data security and compliance, further strengthening client trust and confidence.


BI WORLDWIDE found a true ally in 123FormBuilder. This partnership allowed them to overcome data management challenges and improve client engagement. 

Using 123FormBuilder’s powerful capabilities and extensive features, the end-to-end agency continues to create and deliver customized solutions to drive performance and encourage collaboration with its clients. 

BI WORLDWIDE is not resting on its laurels. It remains committed to leveraging innovative technologies and partnerships, like the one with 123FormBuilder, to enhance its offerings and deliver exceptional value to clients worldwide. This commitment to continuous improvement and innovation ensures that the agency will always be at the forefront of providing the best solutions to its clients.

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