5 Web Forms That Will Strengthen Your Non Profit Organization


by 123FormBuilder

Every year the nonprofit sector changes up a bit with new trends emerging and different means of reaching goals. And this is perfectly normal because evolution is healthy and specific for any and every industry. However, the starting points for developing meaningful and successful campaigns remains pretty much the same. It always starts with gathering contacts to start a newsletter campaign or finding out information that will make your efforts spot on. Obviously, the approach strongly depends on the type of non-profit, but they all have the purpose of strengthening it.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 web forms that will strengthen your non-profit by getting your 2015 journey started and guiding it to the end:

1) Newsletter Form

First things first, acquiring contacts. Having a newsletter form on your website is paramount for your yearly campaigns. It is so important because of the benefits brought to every element of you campaign. From increasing donor retention rates to recruiting volunteers and attendees to fundraisers, it is a great starting point and it makes your life easier.

This goes hand in hand with the results found in the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trend Report. The survey reports that newsletters will be an important part of communications campaigns this year, with professionals planning on increasing the number of monthly email newsletters sent.

However you plan your communication campaign, this is a form you don’t want to miss from your web form arsenal.

2) Donation Form

The almighty donation form. This little web form is the one that funnels fuel into every nonprofit’s tank and keeps it going. Although the same trend report states that retaining donors has superseded acquiring new donors as a priority, development directors still argue that the latter is more important. But again, every nonprofit is different and at various points in time, so if this web form is the one you need, it’s yours for the taking. Furthermore, it can be easily shared through the aforementioned newsletter.

3) Volunteering Form

Volunteers are truly a blessing. Helping out for free, out their own time and doing so with 100% conviction for your cause. With or without expertise, their contribution is invaluable. If this is what you need, set up a volunteer recruitment form. Volunteers are excellent for local community projects, fundraising campaigns and anything in between. The best part about volunteers is that they become brand ambassadors in their own right. What this helps achieve is increased brand awareness and community engagement, something that communication directors strive for in 2015, according to the trend report.

The volunteering process does not begin and end with recruiting them. There are steps to creating and running a volunteering program professionally. Luckily, there are web forms for every step of the program. Apart from using a form when recruiting, you can employ a feedback form for the moment volunteers exit a program. A very important step in the long run. Feedback allows you to improve your programs, which in turn will make for better volunteer experience, making them stronger brand ambassadors and finally, strengthening your organization.

Like donation forms, volunteer recruitment forms can also be shared via newsletters or simply posted on your website. Furthermore, they can be shared on Facebook, where chances of engagement grow considerably larger.

4) Event Form

If you want to organize a local fundraiser, be it fancy or casual, an event registration form is what you need. Events are key to reaching the above-mentioned goals of increasing community engagement and brand awareness. Furthermore, they are a powerful tacting in acquiring new donors as well as strengthening relations with existing ones.

Another web form you can use in the context of events is a conference registration form. The benefits of attending industry conferences are many. From networking opportunities and staying current, to brand exposure, a conference can really strengthen your non-profit.

Be it a fundraising event or a conference, you can follow-up attendees and gather insight with a post-event feedback form. Similar to the volunteering programs, this will allow you to discover your strengths and weaknesses and know where to improve in order to make the overall experience more positive.

5) Online Survey

An online survey is still a type of web form. And a very good one for strengthening your nonprofit. Use it for evaluating events, conferences, volunteering programs, employee satisfaction, website user experience, webinar experience, newsletter design, you name it! It can be used to find out what corners of your organization need improving. From that point on you can take a number of actions to have a successful 2015 campaign.

This year, non-profit professionals consider the organization’s website and Facebook to be the most important communication channels they have. Together with emails, these three platforms are the strongest tools at a professional’s disposal, and luckily, web forms can be published and shared on all of them. Furthermore, don’t forget that all non-profit organizations have 20% off subscriptions, so good luck this year!

Tell us what other web forms you use to strengthen your non profit organization.


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