Facebook Rolled Up Big Changes – What It Means For You


by 123FormBuilder

1341324823_social_facebook_button_blueHave you been on Facebook lately? The answer is easy to guess – and yes, so have we. It seems like the past few weeks have been hectic for the Facebook team: new advertising features, a shift in users’ personal details, there’s an array of updates that call to all of us.

Facebook is a hot topic that our team is constantly monitoring, as we wish to keep our 123FormBuilder application 100% up to date, so that you will be able to post forms on Facebook pages without any hurdle. Today we will talk about Facebook changes not as developers, but as regular users. Our form building Facebook app is unchanged, and so does the functionality of your web forms.
So, what’s new on Facebook at the moment?

Email switch – from personal addresses to @facebook.com

On June 25, Facebook announced that the default email addresses on the users’ profiles, most of them on @gmail.com or @yahoo.com, had been replaced with dedicated @facebook.com addresses, with the ID obtained out of their Facebook name. The change happened quite silently, without any official notice prior to introducing it, which stirred negative user reactions on blogs and forums.
In short, the switch makes it possible for users to stay on Facebook longer, without having to log in to their email clients to send messages. All emails you receive on your @facebook.com address are redirected to your private messages box. This address cannot be deleted; if you don’t want others to send you emails this way, you can hide the address from timeline or set the access to Only Me, so that nobody can see, nor use it.

Follow activities without befriending users

A new Open Graph update will soon allow users to receive notifications about people’s app activities. If you are interested in the buzz around an app but don’t want to send friend requests to each person that uses it, you can just follow people’s actions. For example, the restaurant reviews that a person writes on Local Picks can appear in your news feed without you being friends with the author.
For all developers who are interested in implementing this feature in their apps, there is a documentation page that details the process.

Promoted posts

An older update, but of great impact for marketers, is the option to pay for posts to be seen in a wider percent of your page fans’ news feeds. Typically, a post on your page gets seen by a limited proportion of your audience, depending on your Edge Rank. This is a very important quotient that relates to the engagement your posts stir – how many likes, comments and shares you gather in time. The greater your Edge Rank is, the better reach your posts get. But the question comes: if by default you can’t reach more than, say, 25% of users, how can you gather those likes and grow your Edge Rank? Promoted posts help surpass this vicious circle and boost your exposure quickly.
The rule of thumb with promoted posts is: the greater of a budget you invest, the better your reach. You can set a promotion period and choose the level of engagement you need. Then, you just have to create great and compelling content that will make the Like button irresistible!

Comment editing

You’ve written “Dire Straights” instead of “Dire Straits” on the page of a big fan – what now? Until not long ago, your only option would have been to delete the naughty comment and write a correct one instead. Unfortunately, the old version remained in the email inbox of the page owner.
Now you won’t have to blush anymore. Facebook has introduced the option to edit comments. When you click on the X at the top right of the post, you now have two options – Remove and Edit. Phew!…

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