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How to add multiple columns in Google Forms

Google Forms is easy to use and quick to set up but offers limited features, particularly in design and layout capabilities, with multi-column layouts not available as a standard option.

Next, we’ll explore how to modify the column layout of your Google Form.

Utilizing an Add-on

Fortunately, add-ons like Formfacade allow you to create the column layout you desire for your form. However, it’s important to note that Formfacade offers paid features that may be required for advanced customization.

To install, go to the Get Add-ons section from the More option in the top right-hand corner, marked by 3 vertical dots. 

From the Google Workspace Marketplace you will need to search for the Formfacade add-on, select and install.

Once installed, you will be able to go to the Change form layout option for  Formfacade under the Add-ons section (marked by the jigsaw icon) and select the layout type.

You will be able to choose one of three options. Namely:

  • Default (1 column similar to Google Forms)
  • Comfortable (2 columns in desktop, 1 column in mobile) 
  • Compact (3 columns in desktop, 1 column in mobile) option.
image showing how to add multiple columns in google forms with Formfacade add-on

Then you will need to select the More… option and on the Formfacade tab go to the Share section and choose how you want to share the form. 

You will be presented with three options: 

  • Form (direct link of the form)
  • Website (where you can create a website for the form)
  • Embed (where you will be able to get the embed code depending on the site the form will be published on)

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