Update for the WordPress contact form plugin


by 123FormBuilder

The 123FormBuilder plugin for WordPress has been boosted, to offer you a friendlier experience. Improvement consists in an alternative for publishing your contact forms on WordPress. Basically, you’ve now got two options for posting WordPress forms. Plugin installation remains the same. We’ll take a brief look at the first publishing method and then discuss the new one.

The 123FormBuilder plugin for WordPress contact forms

WordPress Contact Form

To post forms on WordPress using our services, you need to download, install and activate the 123FormBuilder plugin, which is a very simple process. After downloading the WordPress online form plugin, unzip the downloaded files and move them to your wp-content/plugins directory. In your WordPress dashboard, go to your Plugins section and press Activate.

Learn more about installing the 123FormBuilder WordPress contact form plugin.

Publish your WordPress contact form – 1st method

Once the WordPress online form plugin is installed and activated, visit your My Forms section in your 123FormBuilder dashboard and press Get Code & Publish. Select the WordPress tab in the left menu, copy the piece of code generated for your form and paste it in your WordPress blog post.

WordPress Online Form

WordPress Online Form

Publish your WordPress contact form – 2nd method (new)

The new method for posting web forms on WordPress is also very easy to use. And you may find it more practical. After plugin installation and activation, go to your 123FormBuilder dashboard and visit your My Account section. You’ll see that, in your Account Details, you’ve got an APY key field. This is the token that will enable you to post WordPress online forms in your posts. Press Create now to generate an API Key and copy it.

Back to your WordPress dashboard, while editing your blog post in the Visual mode, click on the 123FormBuilder icon in your menu. Paste the API key, press Connect and then choose the form that you want to publish. Press Embed and view the result.

WordPress Contact Form

And there you go! WordPress contact forms are now at your finger tips. To start using our plugin for WordPress, sign up for an account on 123FormBuilder. Log in to your account if you’ve already got one. Or click here to learn more about WordPress contact forms.

UPDATE: Check out our brand new dedicated WordPress Form Builder plugin which adds extra simplicity to your form building process.


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