How to Set Up an Online Job Application Form


by 123FormBuilder

Want to create your online job application form but don’t have an in-house coder? Relax, you got this. Sign up for free at 123FormBuilder, and get it done as easy as 1-2-3! No coding required.

Paper-based job applications just don’t cut the cake today. The last thing your HR person needs to be doing is transcribing candidates’ handwritten data into your computer system. If you’re in a medium or larger enterprise, paper forms isolate valuable information that needs to be accessible to team members in multiple geographic locations.

Perhaps you’re stuck with paper after a disappointment with online job boards. While convenient, online job posting sites can be costly, lack customization and rarely reach appropriate candidates.

123FormBuilder puts the candidate search back in the hands of the one who knows the job vacancy best: you. Once you build an online job application form and publish it on your own company website, you can attract candidates who already have an affinity for your company. What’s more, your company’s ability to digitize the recruitment process will enhance candidates’ confidence in the future of your company.

The Building Blocks of Online Job Application Forms

With 123FormBuilder you already have everything you need to publish your own job application form. Now it’s just a question of content.

What questions to include in the job application form? Our job application template can get you started and be edited to request any information you consider necessary.

What questions to include in the job application form? Few basic ones that will tell you in a couple of seconds if you should or should not open the person’s resume and / or consider interviewing the person face to face. The job application template above can be edited to request any type of information you consider necessary.

Start your online application form by asking for basic details: name, email and phone. Next, ask to specify the job they are applying for. Here, you can use two different types of fields, depending on your needs: a free text box where applicants must type their desired positions or a dropdown/radio button list of choices among available positions. From there you can ask for the start date and the current employment status.

The final part of the online application form includes to the applicant’s resume. You can enable applicants to choose between uploading a file and providing the URL of an online resume. Depending on the option they tick, either an upload field or an URL field will appear. It’s not magic—it’s the field rules feature. You can design rules for any of your application form fields.

For instance, the online job application form can also contain a reference section. If applicants tick the Yes button, new form fields for reference contact data show up. If they tick No, then nothing new shows up.

That’s all there is to your online job application form! Log in or sign up for a 123FormBuilder account, set up your form and attract talent in no time. While you’re at it, have a look at other form templates that can speed up your HR operations.


  1. Hi. I am looking to create an online application form that will be posted on our website. It’s not a job application form, but an application to partake in an exam for credentials we offer. It would require attaching a photo for ID purposes, as well as be able to attach scanned documents (reference letters, etc). The website is based in the Republic of Ireland. Would this work for us?

    1. Hi Jasmine!

      If you refer by uploading, as in converting the created job application from Word in an online form, then the answer is no. But you can start with the job application form template from our website and have it filled in with the same information you need via simple drag & drop and text edit. No coding needed. It’s as easy as converting the application directly.

      If you need more assistance, our customer support specialists would gladly help. Just leave them a message at


    1. Hi Ali,

      Unfortunately you cannot use the web form for live chatting. That would involve a chattig system, which we do not offer. Have a great day and let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

  2. What if I don’t want to use this for an application. I just want a link that I can forward to applicants to apply for position.

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