Web forms with
Zendesk integration

Receive Zendesk support tickets through your contact form!

Zendesk is one of the most popular online support ticket systems. It helps you help your clients in a quick and very well organized way. With Zendesk, you can receive support requests, provide assistance and track each conversation thread.
123FormBuilder - Zendesk integration

Integrate your Zendesk help desk with a 123FormBuilder web form to make it easier for clients to reach you. The messages sent through your contact form will arrive straight to your Zendesk interface. The greatest benefit of 123FormBuilder - Zendesk integration is that customers can send their support requests to your Zendesk page from anywhere on the web!

Zendesk and 123FormBuilder are both exclusively web-based – you need nothing more than an Internet connection to be there for your customers. Furthermore, both services pride themselves on the simplicity of use and value the integration with other applications, so that you can always stay connected and available.

How to integrate 123FormBuilder with Zendesk

Setting up a contact form with Zendesk integration is a matter of seconds. Visit the SettingsApplications section in your 123FormBuilder account and select Zendesk in the dropdown list. Enter your Zendesk domain, username and token in the application box. Press Save and you're good to go!

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Publish your contact form on your company website, WordPress blog, Facebook page or anywhere you wish! All the messages sent by clients through your forms with Zendesk integration will be centralized in the same place – your Zendesk Help Desk. It's easier for them to reach you and faster for you to provide support!