Web forms with Constant
Contact integration

Add email addresses to your Constant Contact mailing lists!

Constant Contact is the top-notch email marketing software you're probably already using or considering to. Constant Contact helps small businesses connect with their customers and build lasting relationships. Besides email marketing tools, the company offers other services for managing and getting the best out of your mailing lists.
123FormBuilder – Constant Contact integration

The 123FormBuilder – Constant Contact integration helps you grow your email lists. You'll have more contacts to address in your email marketing campaigns and will hence generate more exposure for your business. Each time your 123FormBuilder web form is submitted, a new email address will be added to your Constant Contact mailing list.

A Constant Contact email form can be created in a couple of minutes. Actually, your Constant Contact form can be anything from a simple contact form to a registration form, an order form or an online survey. Either way, once the integration is set up, your Constant Contact web form will start sending contact information to your mailing lists.

How to integrate 123FormBuilder with Constant Contact

Setting up a contact form with Constant Contact integration is very easy to do. Visit the SettingsApplications section in your 123FormBuilder account and choose Constant Contact in the dropdown list. Enter your Constant Contact information, select the list to which you want to add contact data, then create the field associations and press Save.

Learn more about the 123FormBuilder - Constant Contact integration.

Your Constant Contact email form can be published anywhere: on your own website, on your Blogger or WordPress blog, on your Facebook page, and it can be shared via email or messenger. Every time somebody fills out your form, a new email address will be added to your Constant Contact mailing list. And, next time you launch an email marketing campaign, you'll have a lot more people to send your message to.