June 25, 2014

My 123FormBuilder – Google Drive integration fails to work. Why?

If your 123FormBuilder – Google Drive integration fails to work, check that all your form fields are labeled. If at least one form field hasn’t got […]
June 17, 2014

How to embed web forms on Litmos?

Litmos is a dedicated online learning management system for creating online courses. With the help of 123FormBuilder you can create contact forms, registrations forms or online […]
June 17, 2014

How to build an online quiz: tutorial

This online quiz tutorial will show you how easy it is to create an online quiz for a geography class. The use of checkboxes can establish […]
June 11, 2014

Can I use 123FormBuilder on Zapier?

Yes, you can use 123FormBuilder on Zapier. We are included in the App Directory on Zapier, in the Forms section. All you need to do is […]
June 11, 2014

How many email notifications are delivered per day?

Each 123FormBuilder online form is limited to a maximum of 1000 email notifications per day. This includes your standard or customized email notifications, autoresponders and the […]
June 4, 2014

I use Authorize.net, but get the invalid security code error. Why?

The message Error 312: The specified Security Code was invalid appears because the security code from your Authorize.net account can not be sent to 123FormBuilder. To […]
June 3, 2014

How to publish online forms on Unbounce?

Publish online forms on Unbounce with the help of the embed code we have generated for you. You can publish the same form on several landing […]
June 3, 2014


Unbounce integration Use the 123FormBuilder – Unbounce integration to expand the horizon of your business. Unbounce is an effective landing page builder for marketing campaigns, where […]
June 2, 2014

How to show missed answers on your online quiz?

Indicating the correct missed answers after submission is a valuable asset for any online quiz. It releases the pressure of the online quiz owner to manually […]
June 2, 2014

How to assign points to online quizzes?

Points are the main goal for an online quiz. They highlight the knowledge level of each respondent in particular. In 123FormBuilder, points can be easily assigned […]
June 2, 2014

What are partial answers with deduction for online quizzes?

In a quiz with partial answers with deduction, each selected incorrect answer cancels a correct answer in the same question. Points are harder earned this way. […]
June 2, 2014

How to add the countdown timer to your online quiz?

Visitors could search the Web for the correct answers while completing your online quiz. This is why we have provided you the countdown timer option, which […]
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