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[123FormBuilder – AppExchange] App Introduction

123FormBuilder is a form building app that allows you to build any type of forms, surveys, or lead generation forms. Its main purpose is to create and update records in Salesforce, but we integrate with Salesforce in various other ways.

Under the Salesforce integration tab, you’ll find two options:

1. Object mapping, has the purpose of creating or updating Salesforce records when a form is submitted. To map form fields with Salesforce fields, the Object mapping tab has to be selected.

From the dropdown menu select the object where you want to send the data, then choose an action. The actions refer to creating new records in Salesforce or updating existing ones.

Below, associate Salesforce fields (the fields where the records from the form will appear) with form fields.

When the customization is ready, click Apply Changes and then enable the mapping.

You can add more than one object where to send the information the form is completed with. In these separate objects, the same or different records can arrive, depending on how you configure the association between fields.

2. In case an error occurs, you can set an email address where this error will be sent under the Settings tab.



The records will be registered in Salesforce after 5 minutes a form is submitted.

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