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Each Salesforce primary object can relate with one or more child objects. What does this mean? It means that in Salesforce, you have the possibility to see the records sent to the primary object and additionally receive other information related to those records.

Let’s take an example and say that you want to create records in a Lead object within Salesforce. First, you will map the Salesforce fields with the form fields for the primary object, which in this case is Lead. Then, add one or more related objects that will be in relation to the main one (in this example we added an Attachment object which will send a file to the lead).

Finally, apply the needed configuration in terms of fields association to the related object:

1. Choose an object from the dropdown (the objects displayed in the dropdown menu of the second object are changing depending on which is the primary object that you selected).

2. Choose an action to be triggered after submit (create records, or update existing records).

3. Map the Salesforce fields with the form fields.

4. Apply changes.

Important !

If you activate the main mapping but not the secondary one, records will be created only for the primary object (in this case Lead).

If you activate the secondary mapping, but the main is not active, no record will be created in Salesforce.

Bianca Nicolae
Bianca Nicolae
Bianca is a Business Analyst at 123FormBuilder. She identifies and implements strategies for product growth through data analysis and creative thinking.

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