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Streamlining Waiver Signing with 123FormBuilder | Kahuna Venao

Sapir, the owner of Kahuna Venao, a surf school nestled on the picturesque beaches of Panama, faced a crucial challenge when starting her business: ensuring that customers signed a waiver and liability contract before embarking on surfing lessons. Aware of the importance of protecting her business legally, Sapir sought a solution that would streamline the signing process and provide a secure method for storing and accessing signed waivers.

It’s convenient. The customer can sign it on their phone. It’s easier to find it because it sends a copy to your Gmail, and then I can just search for the name of the customer and find everything there.

Discovering Limitations with Google Forms

Initially, Sapir experimented with Google Forms, attracted by its free availability. However, she quickly realized its limitations, particularly its inconvenience for customers. Requiring clients to download an app and navigate through a complex signature process proved to be a significant barrier.

Seeking Alternatives

Confronted by the limitations of Google Forms and the cumbersome nature of printed waivers, Sapir sought advice from friends in the surfing community. Their enthusiastic recommendation of 123FormBuilder, along with their own positive encounters, motivated Sapir to investigate the platform further.

Implementing 123FormBuilder

Impressed by the ease of use and comprehensive features offered by 123FormBuilder, Sapir quickly implemented the platform for her waiver signing process. Utilizing the platform’s functionality, Sapir generated a QR code linked directly to the waiver form, making it effortlessly accessible to customers. By simply scanning the QR code with their smartphones, customers could access the form and complete it before their lessons began.

Highlighting Key Feature

Sapir found the email notification feature offered by 123FormBuilder particularly valuable. It automatically sent a copy of the signed document directly to her Gmail account whenever a customer filled out the waiver form. This ensured secure storage of the waivers and made them easily retrievable through Gmail’s search functionality.

With 123FormBuilder, Sapir is no longer worried about losing or misplacing important waivers. The platform provided a reliable solution that not only simplified the signing process for customers but also streamlined administrative tasks for the surf school.

By leveraging 123FormBuilder’s innovative features, Sapir transformed the way she conducted business, ensuring legal compliance while enhancing the overall customer experience.

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