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How to set time limits in Google Forms

The goal of creating a form is to collect as much data as possible, given that data is valuable. However, sometimes a form is only intended to collect submissions during a specific period.

Manually deactivating a form is an option, but this can be inefficient if you’re managing multiple forms simultaneously.

Google Forms offers a solution by enabling you to specify active periods for submission collection. This ensures you maintain control over your form’s availability.

For instance, for an event registration form, setting a submission deadline is crucial. We’ll guide you on how to apply a time limit to your Google Form and introduce you to the more advanced and flexible scheduling features of 123FormBuilder.

How to set a limit for your Google Form

Let’s start with a form example: Job Seekers Application Form. You are interested in recruiting applicants for an open job position only until a certain date. 

By default, Google Forms does not offer such a feature, but you can set a time limit to your Google Form by installing an add-on.

  1. Open the form you are interested in setting a time limit to.
  2. By clicking on the three dotted menu, you have the option Get add-ons available.

3. Search for formLimiter and install the add-on.

4. After clicking on Install, you will be prompted with a notification asking if you trust this add-on. Click on Allow.

5. Once the add-on has been installed, close the window.

6. In your Google Forms editor, you will see a small puzzle icon. Click on it and choose formLimiter.

7. Once formLimiter is opened, you will notice a settings panel to the right side of the screen. From here, you can set the limit type: date & time or number of form responses.

8.  Now all you have to do is to select a due date and time. Besides, you can customize the message shown to your applicants when they access the form when it is closed.

How to use Schedule section for a 123FormBuilder form

123FormBuilder offers enhanced control and customization options for scheduling your form. Once your form is created, navigate to Setup -> Schedule to access these options.

By default, your form is set on Always active, meaning your form is active to everybody and there is no restriction to it. 

Nonetheless, there are several options you can choose from. Let’s take them one by one.

1. Active between  – you can choose to set a start date & time and also an end date & time for your form. In the provided time frame, your form is active and can gather submissions from every respondent. Outside of this time frame, when respondents access your form, they will see the message that you provide in Schedule section.

2. Active on certain days – let’s say that you are not interested in receiving submissions during the weekend. In this case, you can uncheck Saturdays and Sundays and customize the message shown to respondents.

3. Active only for me & my team – if you have a 123FormBuilder account with sub users, you can choose to have the form active only for yourself and for your team. Any person outside your team will not be able to submit the form.

4. Deactivate form – you can always choose to deactivate your form by simply selecting the Deactivate form option from Schedule section. Like the other options, you can customize the message you want to show to respondents who access the form while it is inactive.

If up until now you did not try 123FormBuilder’s Schedule section, go give it a try and automate your workflows.


Mastering time limits in Google Forms empowers you to efficiently manage submissions within specific time frames. While Google Forms offers basic scheduling options through add-ons like formLimiter, 123FormBuilder’s Schedule section provides enhanced control and customization for form scheduling. Whether setting active periods, limiting submissions on certain days, or managing access for specific teams, 123FormBuilder streamlines the process with versatility and ease. Say goodbye to manual tracking and embrace automated workflows for optimized form management.

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