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9 Google Forms templates for business

It’s easier than ever to create business forms for tasks like work orders, recruiting, and approvals, thanks to online platforms offering templates. Google Forms is a popular tool for this purpose, available for free with a Google account. It’s widely used for making forms and surveys, with a range of pre-made templates available.

In addition to showing you how to use Google Forms for your business needs, we’ll introduce you to an alternative option called 123FormBuilder, which offers even more features and flexibility for creating online forms.

How to use Google Forms templates in your business

  1. Access Google Forms
  • Open Google Forms by searching for it in your web browser.
  • Click on “Go to Forms”.
  • A window will open; you can choose from various ready-made templates or start from scratch.
image showing how to access google forms

2. Choose a form template

  • To access more form templates, click on “Template Gallery” button located at the top right corner. Google Forms offers various categories like Work, Personal, and Education. Browse through each category to find a form that matches your business requirements, or create a new one from scratch by selecting “Blank form.”
  • Choose a template that fits your needs by clicking on it.
image showing how to choose a form template in google forms

3. Edit your template

  • After selecting the template, you can customize the theme and header image.
  • To access the theme customization settings, click the icon indicated by the arrow with the number one. A window will open on the right side where you can customize the text and its color, the image, and the background color.
  • The second arrow points to the settings for changing the font used for the content’s header, text, and questions.
  • The third arrow shows how we can change the picture in the header. All you have to do is click “x” to “image uploaded” and upload a new image. Google Forms offers a selection of pre-defined images, or you can upload your image.
  • Next, you can choose a color for the text, the section indicated by the fourth arrow.
  • In the last section, you can choose a background color for your form.
  • Once you’re done, it’s time to edit the template’s body.
images showing how to wdit a template in google forms
  • The red border on the right includes all the options required to add questions, modify the header text, add images, and add other sections.
  • To change the form’s main title and additional content, click on them. Similarly, you can update the wording displayed in each question by clicking on the box next to it, or you can change the question type, the available answer possibilities, or both.

4. Preview your template

image showing how to preview a form in google forms
  • You only have to click the eye icon on the top right to preview the form.

5. How to share your template

To share the form, click the purple button next to the three dots in the upper right corner. A new window will open where you can choose how you want to distribute the form. You can embed it in your website, post it on social media, or send it by email, all with a simple link.

Google Forms can be used across different business domains

Here are a few examples of the templates available in Google Forms:

  • Job Application – HR departments can use this form to optimize recruitment.
  • Time Off Request – companies can use this form for scheduled employee absences from work, such as vacation or sick leave.
  • Work Request Form – this template can be customized for formal or informal communication requests, providing details like task nature, desired outcomes, and deadlines for efficient workflow management.
  • Customer Feedback Form – this template will help you collect feedback about your business services or products. This way, you can identify business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Event Feedback Form –  use this form to gain employees’ feedback on your company events.
  • Find A Time Form – this customizable template can make meeting scheduling and coordination more efficient and convenient for schedulers and participants. 
  • Order Form – this template is ideal for e-commerce businesses. It is an easy way to collect orders from customers.
  • Blank Quiz – regardless of the industry you plan to use it for—education, health, or another—this pre-made template will make it simple to start building your quiz.
  • Worksheet – whether it’s tracking tasks at work, office expenses, or inventory processes, this template has you covered.

123FormBuilder – an alternative to consider alongside Google Forms

123FormBuilder is an excellent option if you’re searching for an alternative that gives you access to a wider range of pre-made form templates and more intuitive customization settings. 

Explore the multitude of customizable and ready-to-use forms that suit different business processes. 123FormBuilder templates cover you no matter if you need a form for Customer FeedbackEmployee Onboarding, Expense Reimbursement, Purchase Orders, or Service Requests.

Besides many features, including a drag-and-drop form builder, easily customizable templates, and online data gathering, 123FormBuilder is simple to interface with other apps. Automate your business workflows by connecting your business form templates with popular applications like Salesforce, Shopify, and Google Sheets.

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