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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in eCommerce [Ideas]

Asking yourself how to improve customer service and customer satisfaction for your eCommerce business is one of the critical questions to pose when you want to grow your business.

Customer service statistics article shows customer feedback and satisfaction drive growth by keeping customers happy, loyal, and potentially encouraging them to become evangelists for your business. 

At the same time, knowing how to improve customer experiences can be a bit of an enigma, especially when you run your business online. How do you even figure out what people think of your product or service when you can’t even see them? 

You can’t just assault your online customers with live questions about your services and how satisfied they feel about them. You can’t break into their homes to see if they use the blender they bought from you every day. Also, you most definitely can’t read their minds via the power of optic fiber either. 

What you can do, however, is run a client satisfaction survey or questionnaire, as well as apply a series of tactics meant to bring customers back — again, and again, and again. Done right, this type of endeavor can provide you with precious answers and action points on how to make your business better for your customers. 

Read on and find out more. 


Essential Customer Service Improvement Ideas for eCommerce

OK, surveys can help you understand your customers’ pain points and dissatisfactions. 

What about other ideas you can use to improve customer service and satisfaction, particularly if you are an eCommerce business owner? 

Well, keep tips to improve customer service in mind: 

Aim for Good Design

Make your site appealing to the eye and super easy to use. You don’t have to be a coding guru to do this, a site builder like Wix can help you create a beautiful website by just dragging and dropping elements into the page. Kind of like 123FormBuilder – our drag-and-drop form builder, but for a website (and, by the way, you can find 123FormBuilder in Wix’s Marketplace too, so you can definitely keep on building great forms in a painless & timely way). 

Set the Right Expectations 

…Especially when it comes to delivery times. If people know when they are likely to get their parcel, they will expect it. But if you are not honest with them and give them a delivery timeline that’s much shorter than what will actually happen, they will get mad. And you might see a flood of bad reviews on social media and on various websites. 

Measure Your Customer Satisfaction

Some of the numbers to look for include:

  • Conversion Rate 
  • Bounce Rate
  • Cart Abandonment Rate 
  • Repeat Customer Rate 

Improve Your Customer Service Response Times

Better customer service starts with better timing. People tend to get really anxious when their questions are not answered, and even more so when they are either looking to buy something or already waiting for their package to be delivered. The quicker you can give them reassurance and information, the more likely it is that they will be satisfied with your service. 

Be Empathic with Your Customers

You are here to build a bridge of communication with them, not take their money and never see them in your eCommerce store ever again. Empathy helps you connect, and thus, it helps you create happier customers. 

Simplify Your Checkout Process

 There’s an entire debate on whether or not you should use a guest checkout, but regardless of what you choose, make sure it’s simple. You don’t want customers to collect frustration and leave your store right before they were about to make a purchase. Remember, one of the main reasons people buy online is precisely because it’s easier — don’t make it more complicated for them by asking for their maiden names, shoe size, and every office address they’ve worked at during the pandemic. 

Make Sure Your Customer Service Can Be Contacted in Multiple Ways

That includes phone, email, contact forms, chats, and even social media channels. Make it very easy for customers to open a conversation with you by enabling them to pick from a multitude of channels. 

Run a Customer Satisfaction Survey


As we have established in the intro, an excellent way to determine a customer’s satisfaction is to run a customer satisfaction survey or questionnaire. 

Basically, instead of guesswork and magic, you can use your customers’ opinions and see what they like, what they don’t, and what you can do to be better. 

Sounds easy, and it isn’t rocket science of any kind. 

However, you have to do it right.

To do that, you must first understand the main difference between a customer survey and a customer questionnaire

Both of them are used interchangeably (most times), but there’s a slight difference in meaning. Namely, the “survey” refers to the entirety of the process: from collecting the data to analyzing it. “Questionnaire,” on the other hand, refers to the entirety of the client survey questions included in your surveying campaign. 

When it comes to making sure your surveying efforts pay off, both the process and the customer satisfaction survey questions are necessary – you cannot put one above the other. 

Did you know? You can build robust online questionnaires and run your surveys within our free survey maker


Improving Customer Satisfaction might sometimes feel like a daunting task — but it doesn’t have to be. With the right know-how, the right tools, and consistency, it can absolutely be done, even when you don’t interact with your customers face-to-face on a regular basis. 

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