Halloween Forms & Surveys


by 123FormBuilder

Celebrating special days during the year is quite a foolproof way to escape routine, to get some fresh energy for days to come and, of course, to find new sources of inspiration. For us, it’s a nice opportunity to show you how flexible and how much fun forms and surveys can be. Here’s 123FormBuilder dressed in a Halloween costume!

What’s a Jack-o’-lantern? A glowing pumpkin. Or the easiest question in a Halloween knowledge quiz! Set up a 10 question test – ask about Halloween origin and traditions, Bogeyman’s habits, horror movies or haunted places. To make it easier for participants, use choice fields (radio buttons, dropdown lists and checkboxes). Receive filled out quizzes in your inbox and give prizes to the winners: a handful of candy or scary werewolf costumes – participants will be thrilled either way, as long as you bring the holiday feeling to your website.

Costume party! Wanna come? Party management is a lot easier with an online event registration form. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party for friends and family or you’re organizing a Halloween company event, an online registration form compiles the guest list with little effort from your part. Registration forms are also effective means to promote the event. Give a brief presentation of what, where and when is going to happen. Adapt your registration form to the occasion by creating a black and orange form theme and adding suggestive images. Don’t forget to ask guests what their favorite type of punch is, what costume they will be wearing and how many fairies, elves and goblins will be joining them.

Buy a pumpkin, get one for free! Halloween is one of the most successful commercial holidays. With everybody shopping around for crazy outfits, decorations, pumpkins and tootsie pops, online order forms work like a charm. Yes, it’s nice to spend a couple of hours downtown in the shopping crowd. But then again, it’s a lot more comfortable to buy pumpkins online and have them delivered to your doorstep. You can sharpen your chop chop tools in the meantime. An online order form is therefore very likely to come as a relief for customers and to generate substantial profit for the vendor. Build an online order form – with or without payment integration – and sell those flying brooms taking up space in your attic.

Forms and Surveys for Halloween

Trick or treat? Start with the catchphrase and give it new meaning. Use it in a one-question mobile survey. Send a curse as a confirmation message to the users who select trick and a joke to those who select treat. Or redirect to two different pages, according to the answer. You can do this with custom autoresponders. Such a survey can be used in various ways – as a hyperlocal survey at point of sale, in a Facebook page tab or anywhere on your website or blog – with the same purpose: creating buzz.

What is your favorite monster? Create an online survey – serious or playful – to collect information on how the Halloween is perceived and celebrated. Use Likert scales to evaluate the degree of importance, relevance, agreement or probability associated by respondents with different holiday aspects. This can result in an interesting statistics. The community built around your website or blog will enjoy both filling out the survey and finding out the results.

Welcome Halloween with a 123FormBuilder treat – choose an idea above, develop it and mesmerize your website visitors. Have fun at the party and stay away from black magic!

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