6 Reasons to Use Online Order Forms


by 123FormBuilder

How long does it take you to get out of your pajamas, drive to a store, go over all shelves, find a product, queue, pay and get back home? Probably longer than it should. With online order forms, the process becomes a whole lot easier. You can choose and buy a product in a couple of minutes and still be in your pajamas.

An online order form can sell not only goods, but also any kind of service, and it can easily be adapted to the vendor’s needs: if there’s already a product website, the order form can be integrated with it; if not, then it can also showcase the offer. And, best of all, online order forms can be built as easy as 1-2-3!

Here are the main advantages of using online order forms to sell products and services:

1. Clear, complete orders.

In an online order form, you can list all the items that you are selling in dropdown lists, radio buttons or checkboxes. Customers can customize their orders in a structured way. In 123FormBuilder, you can even add product descriptions and images at the top of your order form—no coding skills needed!

2. Painless transactions from end to end.

With an online order form, customers normally need to: select the product/service and the associated options, type in the contact data you requested, specify a delivery preference and provide their payment information (if applicable).

Online order forms also make life easier for you as a vendor. You’ll not only get notified of orders by email, but the input will also be stored in the form engine database. You’ll be able to access and export them as CSV/Excel files or as spreadsheets.

3. Advanced features.

Beneath the clean and simple surface of the order form hides a world of complex functions. For example, you can create advanced price calculations that will automatically apply taxes and discounts and send Thank You messages when orders are completed. You also process the payment as you choose, including PayPal order forms or integrations with Google Checkout and Authorize.net.

4. Enhanced security.

The success of online payment engines and order form creation comps depends on the reliability of their services.

As long as your online order form is attached to a reputable payment processor, you can feel confident that you have done your best to protect your customers’ financial data. Furthermore, secure order forms are protected from spam and abuse through field validation and CAPTCHA images.

5. Take the show on the road.

It’s easy to online order form in front of your target audience. Start with Social Buttons on the order form and let your friends and followers help you spread the word. Second, publish it wherever it reaches your target audience faster: on your website, on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger or Google Sites. You can even send direct links via email and messenger.

6. Order forms scope enhancement.

Your online order form can do much more than sell products or services. It collects information that turns into customer databases. With third-party integration, you can send leads and contacts from your customers straight to your iContact, VerticalResponse, SalesForce and MailChimp lists or to Google and Yahoo Groups. This way, you’ll have customers’ contact data stored for future use, such as sending newsletters, promoting new products, announcing special offers and even sending holiday cheer next December.

There you have it. Who knew online order forms are such practical and profitable tools to have around?

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