May 8, 2014

How can I remove the 123FormBuilder logo?

To remove the 123FormBuilder logo from your online form, go to the Settings → Themes section of your form. Duplicate the theme in order to edit […]
May 7, 2014

How to add my Google calendar to a web form?

Embedding calendars from your Google Calendar account on web forms can raise the aspect of your business, making your forms look both professional and interactive. To […]
May 6, 2014

How can I publish my web forms on IconoSites webpages?

We recommend you use the JavaScript code we have generated for you in the Get Code & Publish → Embed Code section of your form. To […]
May 5, 2014

Can I use iDEAL payment gateway for my online order forms?

Yes, you can. You’ll find the iDEAL payment gateway incorporated in our 123FormBuilder – Sisow integration. In the preview/view mode of your
April 28, 2014

How do tags work for the 123FormBuilder – NationBuilder integration?

With the 123FormBuilder – NationBuilder application you can send form data and tags to your nation’s contact list. Go to the Settings → 3rd Party Apps […]
April 23, 2014

How to set up custom fields for Zendesk?

To set up custom fields for your 123FormBuilder – Zendesk integration, go to the Settings → 3rd Party Apps section of your form, in Customize. Scroll […]
April 18, 2014

Do custom notifications work with the resend option?

Do custom notifications work with the resend option? Custom notifications do not work together with the resend option if you have not set all the email […]
April 18, 2014

How to allow users to self-approve their submissions?

You can create self approval forms with 123FormBuilder, so that form users can approve the data they submitted by email. To allow users to self-approve their […]
April 17, 2014

How to add hyperlinks to choice form fields?

How to add hyperlinks to choice form fields? This article will explain how to insert hyperlinks in choice fields. To insert a hyperlink, simply add the […]
April 16, 2014

How to validate 123FormBuilder in the IP Whitelist section from ExactTarget?

IP Whitelisting is a security measure that restricts unknown IP addresses from accessing your ExactTarget account. This feature is useful for third party integrations, such as […]
April 11, 2014

How to autofill form fields using your browser?

The autofill option is a handy tool to save some time from manually refilling the same information for different forms. If you’re a form visitor or […]
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