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Why Do You Need Email Automation? 8 Benefits You Shouldn’t Ignore

Email automation should be a significant part of any marketing strategy. On average, email marketing has an ROI of 4200%. But sending emails the traditional way might not bring you the results you want. To create timely, relevant, and personalized email campaigns, you need to embrace email marketing automation.

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With email marketing automation, you can save a lot of time and money while delivering a great experience to each of your subscribers. The emails are sent out automatically based on a set of criteria you define, so you can just sit back and watch the magic happen.

What Can You Use Email Automation For?

There are many practical uses for email automation, such as:

  • Updating customers on their orders. Customers want to be assured that everything is working out with their order.  Regular updates keep their minds at ease. These include order confirmation emails, payment approval, and shipping status emails.
  • Nurturing leads. Some email sequence software lets you tag leads you want to nurture and integrate them with your other marketing tools. That way, it’s easier to send them relevant emails that can either help with problem-solving or describe the product’s benefits. You can also share case studies, guides or invite them to your webinars. 
  • Keeping customers informed. If you keep your customers in the loop, you will always be on their minds. You can do this by sending them emails that promote your blog posts and events, informing them about their upcoming expirations, or reminding them of appointments.
  • Gathering feedback. Without feedback, you wouldn’t be able to understand your customers’ pain points or know what aspects of your business and products they like or dislike. You can easily collect feedback via email by asking for it directly or sending out surveys. 

8 Reasons Why Email Automation is Important

Email automation isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. 

And here are few reasons why you should consider email automation:

  • It promotes relevance. Email automation tools allow you to personalize each email. That way, the recipient receives tailor-made emails with relevant content.
  • It increases brand awareness. Whenever someone you contact via email sees that you send consistent and professional-looking emails, they will see you as an expert organization, which increases brand awareness.
  • You plan ahead your campaigns. Each email workflow needs to be carefully planned and work towards one main goal. Email automation makes workflow planning easy and ensures each email is a piece of the bigger puzzle, engaging your customers one step at a time.
  • It saves time. One of the many email automation benefits is that it saves a lot of time. For instance, it will automatically tailor emails to your customers based on their name, buyer’s journey stage, and other factors. This leaves you and your team with more time to focus on more important tasks instead of having to check all the information and typing it out manually.
  • It reduces costs. When you make email your main method of communication, you won’t need a large sales team anymore to call prospects daily. Needless to say, this will significantly reduce employment costs.
  • It boosts revenue. With email automation lead generation strategies, you’ll increase your chances of getting high-quality leads, and in turn, boost your revenue as well.
  • It ensures higher customer retention. There are many ways you can strengthen your relationship with customers via email. Keep your current customers interested by applying retention and loyalty strategies as well as re-engagement campaigns.

As a little bonus tip, you can also use email automation for sending out forms. With forms, you can collect feedback, nurture leads, and much more. If you need any ideas on how to benefit from email marketing automation, you can check out these automatic email response examples to use on your web forms.

How Does Email Automation Work? 3 Examples

Email automation is here to make your job easier. If you follow email automation best practices, you can make email work in your favor in multiple ways.

For now, let’s take a look at three examples:

  • Fighting cart abandonment. There’s nothing more frustrating than a lead who backs out of a purchase at the last second and abandons their cart. But that lead isn’t lost yet, and you can still keep them engaged by sending an automated email that prompts them to return and complete the purchase.
  • Order confirmation. The first contact with a customer should be the confirmation of purchase so the customer knows that their order went through. You can also get some important information out to them, such as shipping information, how to access their receipt, and your company’s contact information.
  • Failed payments. Just because a customer’s payment has failed, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost them. You can automate running emails which notify customers when their payments fail or when their credit card information is about to expire. You can also notify them whether their payment was successful.


Nowadays, companies need to be efficient and professional with everything they do, and that includes communication. No matter if you’re talking to a lead or a customer, your email’s tone, style, and messaging is important. And with email automation, you can make sure every aspect of each email you send is flawless.

Whatever email automation you use, forms serve an important part in growing your customer base with freshly new contact emails. A form builder that can sync email addresses in your email automation system is what you need to further personalize the experience of your subscribers. Email on!

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