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The Waiver Signing Solution for Auto Glass Businesses: 123FormBuilder

Auto repair shops often use form builders to check in clients who need their goods repaired or cleaned. As with any specialized market, the auto glass repair industry is highly competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to promptly fix windshields, ensure seamless operations, and provide superior customer service via waiver signing forms.

Let’s meet Hussein Albassam, an auto glass business owner who found the perfect solution to streamline his processes and elevate his customer experience: 123FormBuilder.

Hussein’s Challenge: Saying Goodbye to Paper Chaos with Waiver Signing

Hussein’s auto glass business has been successful due to his unwavering commitment to providing excellent customer service. However, he has been confronted with a significant obstacle – the need to manage customer data efficiently. 

The traditional approach of using paper forms to collect customer information and create contracts has become a clunky and time-consuming process. It required him to adopt more streamlined and automated methods to ensure that his business operations remained efficient while retaining the high customer satisfaction level that his business was known for.

Hussein struggled to retrieve the important information he needed for his business operations. It felt like searching for a needle in a haystack, a tedious and time-consuming process that could lead to errors and strain Hussein’s business operations and customer service quality.

Common issues for small businesses like Hassan’s using paper forms for waiver signing include: 

  • Small business owners are too busy to file, sort, and maintain orderly waivers; 
  • Waivers signed on paper may contain incomplete information because signers omit essential fields like their full name, email address, and so forth; 
  • Waivers signed on paper are difficult to locate later.

Shifting to Digital Waivers with 123FormBuilder

Frustrated with the paper trail, Hussein sought a digital solution to minimize paper usage and enhance data organization. After an extensive online search, he stumbled upon 123FormBuilder and was immediately intrigued.

What caught his attention were the ready-made templates tailored for businesses like his. Finally, a solution that understood his needs!

Auto chip repair form sample

123FormBuilder: Tailored Solutions for Auto Glass Businesses

What Hussein found particularly appealing was the simplicity of creating a waiver signing form that captured customer information, included a contract agreement, and allowed for digital signatures – all in one place. 

The ability to receive a PDF copy of the form with the customer’s signature was crucial for record-keeping and protection against disputes. Hussein stressed the importance of quickly accessing customer information, such as names, phone numbers, and signatures, to streamline invoicing and provide better customer service.

123FormBuilder went above and beyond. Recognizing the need for visual evidence, Hussein wanted the ability to upload pictures of the customer’s car onto the form. This additional feature provided visual proof of the car’s condition and enhanced customer acknowledgment and trust. 

Moreover, integration with his existing invoicing program ensured that all relevant data, including the PDF form, pictures, and invoice details, were stored conveniently in one place, simplifying their data management process.

A Trial Worth Taking: Satisfaction Guaranteed

What truly sealed the deal for Hussein was 123FormBuilder’s free trial offer. He was initially hesitant to try yet another online form-building service.

He had been burned before by services that demanded upfront payment without providing adequate customization or ease of use. However, what convinced him to try 123FormBuilder was the free trial offer. This allowed him to thoroughly test the platform before making any commitment.

Not only did Hussein find the platform easy to use, but he was also delighted by the availability of customizable templates. 123FormBuilder exceeded his expectations in every way, especially compared to his less-than-satisfactory experience with other services like DocuSign.

Optimize Your Waiver Signing with 123FormBuilder

In his quest to streamline the check-in process, collect customer information digitally, create contracts with customer agreements, and store all relevant data conveniently, Hussein found the perfect ally in 123FormBuilder.

With its tailored solutions, user-friendly interface, and commitment to customer satisfaction, 123FormBuilder proved to be the ultimate choice for Hussein’s auto glass business – and it can be for yours, too.


Hussein found the ideal solution for his business needs. He now has a straightforward digital waiver he will never lose, where he can easily find the data he seeks, including client signatures. 

You can streamline your business processes and go digital, too. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing paper documents in your business. With 123FormBuilder’s advanced digital tools, you can streamline your workflow and ensure greater productivity and success. Experience the difference firsthand by signing up today!

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