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Vita Group Enhances Efficiency with 123FormBuilder

Vita Group, specialists in urban living,  use 123FormBuilder to help streamline its external processes where accurate data collection is important. Vita Group leverages our solution to manage various tasks efficiently, from resident check-ins to inventory checklists and providing a food delivery service.


With a peak subscription of 30,000 users during active months, Vita Group faced the challenge of efficiently handling associated paperwork. They needed a comprehensive solution that could handle large volumes of data and streamline their processes seamlessly.

Using 123FormBuilder has allowed us to react quickly to change and swiftly adapt to ever-evolving circumstances. This was most important during the COVID pandemic where we were able to quickly create a food delivery service for isolating residents. Additional steps were also taken to mitigate crowding around the reception areas and ensure the safety of everyone in our building by controlling the volume of residents checking in at busy periods by implementing a time-slot selection feature into our online check-in forms.

Dave Scott, Vita Group


Leveraging 123FormBuilder, Vita Group has integrated a range of tailored forms into its workflows since 2018:

  • Resident Check-in: Vita Group utilizes a specialized form for student check-ins, making arrival management smoother and processes more efficient.
  • Inventory Checklist: Another form assists Vita Group in meticulously managing inventory checklists, ensuring accurate item tracking and maintenance.
  • Housekeeping Management: Forms that allow housekeeping staff at Vita Group to effectively conduct scheduled room cleans and highlight any areas that need attention.
  • Covid Food Delivery Service: A service that allowed residents that were isolated during the COVID pandemic to order essential grocery items from a form and have them delivered directly to their room.

All of these forms seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, enhancing Vita Group’s operational cohesion and data management prowess.

image showing a check-in online form created by Vita Group with 123FormBuilder.


By using123FormBuilder, Vita Group has helped to improvement its operations:


  • Streamlined processes have led to increased efficiency, allowing Vita Group to handle peak subscription periods seamlessly.

Data Accuracy

  • By capturing data electronically, Vita Group ensures accuracy and reliability in their records, reducing errors and improving decision-making.


  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards is maintained through the use of advanced features and secure data handling practices.


As an enterprise client in the real estate industry, Vita Group showcases how 123FormBuilder enables organizations to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and achieve  its business objectives effectively.

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