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5 ways you can genuinely start #GivingBackToHumanity

Have you ever wanted to make a positive impact by giving back to your community and helping humanity as a whole but had no idea where to begin? We dare to say it might be all because we’re over-saturated with information. It just feels nearly impossible to find the pause button and pick a cause.

The news is packed with pretty grim & scary statistics, and the Internet picks a new favorite social issue every day. We bounce back and forth from the global pandemic, climate change, and food insecurity to the high rate of gender and race inequality worldwide or people living without access to medical care or even clean water. Oh, and did you know that July 2021 was Earth’s hottest month on record going back in the last 142 years?

Yes, we live in uncertain times. Maybe now more than ever. But despite the gloom and the stereotypes (Millennials are selfish, Boomers are set in their own ways, etc.), we all make a common front when it comes to social issues and how determined we are to tackle them.

So here’s the much-needed reminder: luckily for us, not everything is ruined. We can all impact our community and help society heal.

But… can we truly make a difference? Which issues are the most urgent? And most importantly, where do we start?

Let’s begin with taking a deep breath, putting on some jazz on Spotify, and then tackle it one thing at a time.

The beauty of giving back to humanity is that it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Lending a helping hand is a generous act that leaves an everlasting impression. And it’s really as simple as helping out your neighbors to carry his groceries or the sweet granny you met at the pharmacy to cross to the other side of the street.

So, buckle up with empathy and compassion, and let’s start giving back. Here are 5 ways you can genuinely give back to humanity:

1. Generosity goes a long way

You don’t have to donate in bulk numbers to make a difference. Because even small amounts can help out with a kid’s weekly meals or medical help for a sick elderly. Always remember that a little can go a long way!

Plus, we have a pretty nice tip for you: during the holiday season, many community centers, grocery stores, schools, and even businesses organize food drives to collect goodies for the local food banks. So maybe buy a few extra cans during this week’s shopping trip and keep an eye out for the next drive around. This is how you can make a massive difference in someone’s life!

If money’s short but generosity’s big, give the gift that keeps on giving and donate your blood. It takes less than an hour to provide a valuable resource that can literally help save lives.


2. Offer kindness

One of the essential ways of giving back to humanity is volunteering your time and energy at places like your local non-profit, homeless shelter, food bank, or animal rescue. Your time is priceless, and gifting it can make a world of difference in the lives of many.

If you want to help children in need, you can volunteer with local organizations that aim to better youths’ lives in foster care. Also, if you ask around, you might find out that you can even go further than that by providing for the youths who have aged out of the foster care systems. 

Now, did you know that volunteering at your local senior center helps the elderly feel less lonely and depressed? And you can even assist seniors with daily tasks in their own homes by keeping them amused, happy, and independent. Actually, this was the reason why we partnered up with Vollpension’s Bake Against Poverty. To help grannies all over the world!


3. Respect the Earth

Home to over 7 billion people, tons of plants, and animals, we rely on our planet for everything we need. We’ve only got one Earth, and Earth’s only got us. So it’s our responsibility to keep it nice and healthy for all creatures—now and in the future.

Start with organizing a community clean-up to gather litter, pull weeds, and even paint park benches. Your neighbors and the environment will thank you!

We can’t even stress enough about how much recycled materials like plastic are incredibly useful and can be easily converted into new products. This also reduces the need to use natural resources and sustain even more pollution. Another great perk is that recycling can even benefit you by getting money in exchange for recycling at your local grocery store or recycling center.

no nature no future

4. Support others

While corporate social responsibility is slowly but surely becoming a standard metric for companies, it used to be far less likely for social impact to be the primary goal of a for-profit business a couple of decades ago.

Now, the number of social impact companies is increasing, and the public is taking notice. Generally speaking, social impact companies prioritize doing work that serves to solve local and global community needs. Issues like poverty, hunger, homelessness, refugees, and climate change are just a few of the problems we are attempting to tackle. The increase in social impact organizations means that more people with more resources than ever before are working together to solve these challenges.

Supporting these businesses, testing their services, and spreading the word makes YOU part of the story too.

Speaking of, here’s a friendly reminder to keep your eyes on us! We’re locked and loaded on our giving back to humanity journey.

support others

5. Inspire everyone

If you got to the end of this article, and you’re still wondering what cause you want to tackle, here’s our two cents: try to connect with charities, organizations that work with children, or the elderly that you might feel close to your heart.

By letting your family, friends, and work buddies know about your random acts of kindness, you will find that they are becoming motivated to do the same. Giving back stokes a passion in people around you. So don’t hold back and share your purpose.

Now it’s up to you to choose!

inspire everyone

Choose the cause you care most about! Not what your neighbor thinks it’s the best charity, nor your best friend, and not what the UN considers most important. Put your heart on the table for projects you are passionate about because this is how you create a fulfilling experience for you and generate a more significant impact on the ground.

Let’s start our day by giving back to humanity

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