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Raising the Bar For a Paperless Future

How a Paperless Future Is Going to Change Your World

Printed, passed, filled out, reviewed, scanned & printed again. This is what it takes for a basic paper form to complete an average office lifecycle. In a digitalized world like the one we live in, here at 123FormBuilder, we are striving to make a change by considerably reducing the amount of paper used and replacing it with intuitive tools such as user-friendly online forms and paper form digitalization.

We named this ambitious project “a paperless future” and each of us started to contribute and promote the idea of sustainable forms with no waste to the customers.

Sharing Is Caring

Because we are looking forward to exchanging our knowledge with people just like you, three of our colleagues, Valentin Farcaș (Team Leader), Oana-Nicoleta Stan (Frontend Web Developer) and Cristian Motea (Senior QA Engineer) spoke about our company’s vision for the future in this interview for

123Brand Differentiators

“At 123 we are offering a variety of features and digital devices from white label solutions to advanced third-party integrations. We are striving for a fully digitized system that can help businesses save money as the costs will be significantly reduced by eradicating the need to purchase and archive paperwork. Also, the elimination of paperwork can help to speed up everyday processing, allowing more time to be spent on more productive tasks. The reduction of paperwork for example in the HR department by having an online form for holiday requests will also help to keep employees happy, encourage productivity and improve the company morale.” said Valentin during the interview.

Projects & the Diversity in Partnerships

“There are a few exciting projects at 123FormBuilder and the one that I am contributing to right now is improving the payments integration on our platform. With a new design, user-friendly, many payment processors to be used, and a series of ways to customize how the payment summary should look like on the form, this new project is a challenging one for us, but useful and exciting for the customers who are going to use it.

123FormBuilder is a platform that has various types of clients, from small business clients to enterprise clients, some of them using HIPAA compliant online forms or white label forms. From this perspective, the projects we build are of various types and we try to fit their different needs and implement each request from our clients in a general way so that all other clients can benefit from it.” continued Oana for the

Every Player Has the Power to Change the Game

At 123FormBuilder we create and develop our organizational system one step at a time. From feedback to one-on-one meetings, we make sure that every employee’s opinion is spoken and taken into account accordingly.

“In each of us lies the power to change the way we work. New ideas are welcomed and only through discussion and debate, we’ll become better as a person and as a team. We encourage you to speak up because the stage is already set. Since 123FormBuilder has so many diverse clients, get ready for a ride in which you’ll never get bored. Each client is a potential source of knowledge so it’s up to us to tap and use it. Be bold and creative. There’s no written guideline for that – write it with us, one form at a time!”, added Cristian Motea for the publication.


The conclusion was simply explained by Valentin F. & Cristian M. while ending the interview with our collaborators.

“By embracing the challenge to raise the bar for a paperless future we see our mission as a challenge to come up with innovative solutions so most of the activities and processes are paperless and in an online environment so we are supporting not only the customers but also the planet that deserves the same attention in waste reduction,” said Valentin.

“Too many resources are then used for actual storing and retrieving a paper form and trees were not created for paper. We know the road is long, but we are persistent, one form at a time,” added Cristian.

We are social, aware and ready to leave a mark on the future, so if you feel the same, join us, we’re seriously fun!

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