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Employee Spotlight: Laura Ardelean

Our company culture revolves around respect and collaboration, friendship and professionalism, passion for excellence and a love of keeping our employees happy. With that in mind, we decided to shine a spotlight on our colleagues, just to give you a glimpse of what 123FormBuilder (the form builder and the team) is about. Today, our Employee Spotlight series continues with our Senior Marketing Designer, Laura Ardelean.

What is your job at 123FormBuilder and what does that involve?

I’m a visual designer and part of a great design team of 5 people. At surface level, my work revolves around defining and refining the brand identity of 123FormBuilder through visuals such as landing pages, newsletters, social media graphics and sometimes videos. On a deeper level, I contribute to communicating with our audience in a comprehensive way by conveying the right message into our visuals, leading visitors into our product by making information clearly organized and accessible and keeping them engaged through constant iterations based on user behavior data that we collect and analyze. I am also in charge of part of the task management for our team, which I enjoy quite a lot.

Before 123FormBuilder what did you do?

Right before joining the wonderful family of people at 123FormBuilder, I had a brief stint at being a front-end developer for about half a year. It helped me understand how to collaborate better with the development team, how to approach technical limitations and what problems could arise from not following certain best design practices. It also helped me appreciate my current job a bit more 😉 

Is there a project that you have worked on and are particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of being part of our 2017 rebranding effort, which included a change of logo, name, style and a complete website redesign. We went through many cycles of trial and error until we got to where we are. It was both challenging and rewarding to see the ideas we came up with come to life and impact so many visitors and users.

What is your favorite perk at 123FormBuilder?

There are many and I’m not just saying this to be kind. I think what I appreciate most is the flexibility of work and the open-mindedness of the management team. I felt welcomed from the first day at 123FormBuilder and that’s a very good place to be at.

What did you dream of becoming when you were growing up?

My interests have always been revolving around art, people and communication. I was interested in becoming an investigative journalist until right before college (this might explain some things to some people :)) but I ultimately followed my heart and went to study digital design instead.

What does your workspace look like, these days?

It currently looks a lot like this …

Any advice for people looking to pursue a career at 123FormBuilder?

Be open, humble, curious, love what you do… and good things will certainly follow.

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