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The Art of Science’s Digital Transformation with 123FormBuilder

In education, meticulous planning is paramount, and this sentiment holds especially true for The Art of Science—an educational organization based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. This organization, which offers after-school programs to children and adults, embarked on a journey to streamline its processes and enhance its outreach. The solution? A revamped website and the integration of innovative forms courtesy of 123FormBuilder.

The Vision: Uniting Art and Science for a Brighter Future

Founded by two parents with a vision to intertwine art and science education, The Art of Science evolved into an educational powerhouse providing engaging after-school and summer camp activities. With a mission to help students discover their passions at the intersection of arts and sciences, the organization currently operates with a team of seven dedicated contractors.

Even though The Art of Science does impactful work, they operate within a tight budget, requiring them to be mindful of expenses in all operations. In this context, 123FormBuilder has proven to be an indispensable tool for the organization.

Digital Evolution: Bidding Farewell to Paper Trails

Before migrating to Wix for website development, The Art of Science heavily relied on traditional methods, such as flyers and paper forms, to attract and register new students. Four years ago, Teresa, co-founder of The Art of Science, initiated a search for budget-friendly solutions to transition their operations online. This quest led them to Wix and, subsequently, to the transformative capabilities of 123FormBuilder.

This combination proved to be a game-changer. The seamless integration of Wix and the user-friendly online form builder significantly boosted registration numbers while enhancing information organization. Today, The Art of Science effortlessly gathers essential information from parents without the hassle, thanks to secure online forms.

Keeping Parents Informed: Automated Efficiency

One of the standout features that Teresa values about 123FormBuilder is its capacity to send automated email notifications with PDF versions of form submissions. This streamlined process ensures that parents registering for after-school classes or summer camps are well-versed in the organization’s policies.

Automated PDFs clarify cancellation and behavioral policies and empower the organization to allocate more time to refining their classes—the core reason behind founding The Art of Science.

I’ve never had complaints about any submissions. The forms have been working very well!

A Paperless Future: Education Reinvented

Teaming up with 123FormBuilder enabled The Art of Science to go paperless, enhance operational efficiency, and attract more registrations for their educational programs. The organization’s forms now serve as gateways to a new generation of individuals educated to think through the dual prisms of science and arts, marking a revolutionary shift in the educational landscape.

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