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How Stories Marketing Elevates Client Engagement with 123FormBuilder

In supporting pregnancy centers, Stories Marketing stands out as a dedicated provider of affordable internet marketing and graphic design services.

Stories Marketing plays a crucial role in supporting these centers with a mission to enhance online visibility, reach individuals facing unexpected pregnancies, and foster a culture of life in communities.

This article will explore how Stories Marketing required a form-building solution for customer interaction and how 123FormBuilder met this need.

Mission and Services

At the core of Stories Marketing’s mission is the dedication to providing tailored digital marketing solutions for pregnancy centers and life-affirming organizations. Through a strategic blend of social media expertise, internet marketing strategies, SEO tactics, and compelling graphic design, they empower these entities to connect with their audience and make a lasting impact effectively.

Processing Power and Form Management

The numbers speak volumes about Stories Marketing’s impact — they seamlessly process an average of 2,000+ submissions monthly using over 500 meticulously crafted forms, each serving a unique purpose for their clients. This underscores the demand for their services and an efficient form management system.

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Efficient Workflows with 123FormBuilder

Despite the extensive use of forms, Stories Marketing streamlines its workflow by embedding JavaScript/iFrame and direct links within their sites.

This adds a professional touch and ensures a seamless and branded experience for users. The choice of platforms, such as WIX and WordPress, further facilitates publishing these forms on client websites.

Client-Centric Approach

Stories Marketing serves over 150 clients, each benefiting from customized forms designed to meet their unique requirements. Leveraging the HIPAA-compliant capabilities of 123FormBuilder, they focus on client satisfaction while safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) against unintended disclosure. Clients are notified through personalized emails to access contact information securely within the HIPAA-compliant framework of 123FormBuilder.

Stories Marketing’s extensive online form portfolio incorporates personalized features and advanced mechanisms to streamline secure data collection and automation processes. The variety of helpful form templates from 123FormBuilder’s library is a great starting point for any business, especially for the healthcare industry, due to security measures like GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Compliance and Enterprise Plan

The decision to purchase an Enterprise Plan from 123FormBuilder stems from the necessity of HIPAA compliance for some of Stories Marketing’s clients. This choice reflects 123FormBuilder’s commitment to providing secure and compliant solutions and aligning seamlessly with the healthcare requirements of their customers.

Their system is intuitive and easy to use, their tech support is stellar and my representative, Bogdan, has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

I can’t recommend 123FormBuilder enough for anyone who is looking for an intuitive, reliable and cost effective HIPAA-compliant solution for their agency.

Mike Kurschner, Owner at Stories Marketing


Stories Marketing has demonstrated its ability to leverage 123FormBuilder to advance its mission of promoting a culture of life and supporting pregnancy centers. Their success in this endeavor speaks to their expertise in utilizing this technology to achieve their goals.

By adeptly managing a considerable volume of submissions, tailoring form links to their specific requirements, and ensuring strict adherence to compliance standards, they have effectively showcased the transformative impact of 123FormBuilder.

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