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Online Forms Any Spa or Beauty Salon Should Use

Owning a business in the beauty department might mean a stress-free job to outsiders. But you know very well that creating a space for people to let go of their stress or enjoy beauty treatments means that the behind-the-scenes is actually a rather crowded place. Looking for an easier way to manage administrative tasks while also gaining more time to spend with your customers? Well, especially if you own an organic beauty salon, you might want to go eco-friendly not only with the products you use but also in conducting your overall salon activities. And that’s where online forms come in handy.

Say goodbye to paper forms and welcome a new era of pampering!

With 123FormBuilder, it’s easy to beautify your forms to match the rest of your decor, whether you need them for client intake, salon feedback, beauty consultations, scheduling treatment sessions, or planning in-house events. So here are a few necessary form templates for small business owners who provide beauty treatments, men’s grooming, massage therapy, skincare, and other salon or spa services.

The Salon Client Information Sheet

This standard client intake form works for any business in the spa industry. Since it already includes the basic fields you’re likely to need, you don’t have to start from scratch. Make sure you check out the Settings area of our editor to impress clients by sending personalized autoresponders upon form completion! You can make the client information form available on a tablet in the reception area. This way, beauty addicts can fill it out while waiting for their first beauty session. And, to deliver your seasonal promotional campaigns, you can link your online form with MailChimp or another email marketing system to send newsletters.

The Appointment Request Form

You can easily adapt this template for scheduling haircuts, beauty treatments or waxing sessions. Then simply embed it on your website or post the form link on your Facebook page, so that clients can enter their contact information and the reason for their appointment request. The form has a date field that lets them pick the preferred day from the calendar. And this will make it easier for you to update the information in your own appointment book. Of course, you can keep an online appointment book as well, by integrating this form with Google Calendar.

Consultation forms

According to your specific needs, we store plenty of consultation forms to choose from and use within your spa or beauty salon.

Personalize the consultation template you need and make it reflect your salon or spa’s brand image. You decide what information you want to receive from clients, we handle the rest, keeping your client data safe and easily accessible on your 123FormBuilder dashboard.

The Massage Therapy Intake Form

This form will assist you in gathering all the necessary data from your clients in your data management system. For instance, the emergency contact info, the medical history, and details about the patient’s current condition. Besides, you can also use an electronic signature field. Get everything in place in order to start massage therapy sessions without worrying about a thing. Our real-time form builder is conceived to satisfy even non-technical users. Plus, the more you automate your intake process, the more positive the onboarding experience will be for your new massage patients.

Consent forms

Certain beauty treatments or procedures are more complex than others, that’s why you need to inform clients of potential risks, complications, and possible side effects. Make sure you also collect signatures with our digital signature widget.

The Beauty Salon Survey

Build a strong customer care strategy and enhance their experience in your salon by regularly conducting feedback surveys. See how well you fare where waiting times, treatment quality or prices are concerned. Equally important, find out how your clients heard about your salon, to boost your marketing efforts. You might also include an open-ended question at the end of your survey to gather more opinions that will help prioritize the improvements you plan.

The Event Registration Form

Depending on the nature of your venue, you might want to host beauty-related events, like product sampling or free makeup sessions. Sample this ready-made template and customize it with nice pictures of previous similar events, while also creating a nice Thank You page to redirect attendees on after submitting the form. You’ll be amazed by how many things you can accomplish with an online tool that does much more than gathering documents and form submissions!

The Contact Form

Naturally, you also need to embed a basic contact form on your website, in order to receive inquiries from your customers. Don’t let the term embed scare you! While the generated code snippet might look like Chinese to you, having it permanently on your web page requires only a copy and paste effort! Don’t forget to add a quick “Thank You” message page to your form as well. This way, you will show customers who want to contact you that you really appreciate that they’ve reached out to you.

Inspiring Thank You messages your forms should have

Well, what are you waiting for? A visit to the beauty salon or to the spa should not start with clients filling out paper forms. Eliminate the tiresome paperwork and spend more time pampering your clients, whether they’re coming to have their hair or nails done, get a weight-loss massage or enjoy a few hours at the spa.

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