Who said tech customer support isn’t fun?

What could be amusing about doing customer support for an online form builder? Not much, you’d say. But, as Peter has discovered last night, some users can really put a smile upon your face. And, as the rest of the team have discovered this morning, some transcripts can really make your face hurt from laughing.

Operator Peter

Date: 29.05.2012
Chat time: 17m 32s

Visitor: HELP!!!!! I”M STUCK!
Peter: Hello
Peter: We offer a service for creatin online forms
Peter: How can we help you?
Visitor: Do you drive trains?
Peter: No, we offer a service for creating online forms
Visitor: Why are you named operator peter then?
Peter: Because this is my name
Visitor: Your parents named you OPERATOR? Are you by chance native?
Peter: operator is not the surname, it just refers to my job
Peter: chat operator
Visitor: OH! So can you help me then?
Peter: please tell me your problem
Visitor: Can I link my order form to paypal?
Peter: Yes
Visitor: How? Yes is very vague
Peter: Here is more information about payment integration (including PayPal)
Visitor: Your so nice operator Peter. I hope my child grows up to be like you
Visitor: If I have any more questions I’ll be back, but for now have yourself a GREAT day petey πŸ™‚
Peter: You’re welcome
Peter: I am here for any help you need πŸ™‚
Visitor: Tell your boss I say that you should get a raise
Peter: Thank you for your nice words
Visitor: No I’m serious Peter, you really deserve it

If you want to have a talk with our live chat operators (you can even ask for support!), they can be reached 16 hours a day on our website, www.123formbuilder.com.

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  1. Hot Air says:

    I’m going to begin following you on Facebook.

  2. www.youtube.com says:

    Super cool.

  3. Clyde Insly says:

    hahahaha i’d like to become one of your tech supports.. i wanna encounter visitors like this one. hahahahaha

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  5. Radu Ticiu says:

    @Alex given the raise recommendation I would suggest him for a “Clients from Heaven”.com

  6. Alex says:

    and there I was thinking that this would end up being a ‘Clients from Hell’ material πŸ™‚

  7. Radu Ticiu says:

    You should definitely consider a raise!

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