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[Infographic] The Ultimate Contact Form Checklist for 2020

Go through this checklist whenever you are thinking of building or updating a contact page or whenever you decide to include a contact form in any of your digital projects.

You can always try out our contact form builder to build the contact forms you need, but until then, here’s the checklist.

Aiming for a high-converting design for your contact form? This is how you do it

Nothing Beats Hospitality

You are asking for personal data, so show that a human being is behind that Submit button.

Put some Swag into it!

Is there a reason not to show some creativity? Attempt to put a smile on your user’s face.

Spark Interest

Use incentives. Provide value to make your visitors get in touch (promotions, coupons, etc.).

It’s a UX Game

Build the contact form with the user’s journey in mind. Tips:

  1. Keep it idiot-proof and intuitive!
  2. Group form fields logically!
  3. Use one-column forms! Users prefer them.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Best practices for mobile-optimized contact forms include:

  1. Opting for fewer fields,
  2. Using auto-focus on the first field,
  3. Placing labels above the fields,
  4. Using the “show password” option to avoid mistypes,
  5. Replacing dropdowns with radio buttons,
  6. being finger-friendly by using sufficient spacing between elements.

Personalize Your Automatic Responses

Keep the thank you page nice and warm. Consider including:

  1. Your average response time,
  2. A heads-up regarding next steps,
  3. A short whimsical text,
  4. A funny image or GIF,
  5. A link to a resources page,
  6. A helpful download,
  7. An invite to join you on social media.

Put Some Meat on Submit

“Submit” is too generic. Get specific: “Gest started for free”, “Talk to us”, “Subscribe today”.

Aim for Seamlessness

Make your contact form easy to find. Too many scrolls and clicks will drive traffic away.

Be Upfront About It

It’s nice to be creative, but it’s more important to be relevant. Clearly state your purpose.

Brevity Is Key

No one likes to fill out forms. Only as the information you absolutely need.

Do not Neglect Data Validation

Save yourself and your users some time and get error-free input. Provide real-time hints on the right data format instead of showing error messages after a user has filled out the information.

The Contact Us Page: Frame Your Contact Form Properly

So you’ve built your perfect contact form. It can’t, however, stand on its own. You need a banging Contact Us page to create rapport and get more people to connect. Let’s get to it.

Make It Memorable

Create a page that sticks with your audience. What vibes and messages do you want to convey?

Get New Subscribers

Make it easy for users to join your mailing list. Consider incentives for new subscribers.

Location, Location, Location

Disclosing your whereabouts is one of the key elements that build customer trust.

Provide some Eye Candy

Give life to it through animation, video, etc. However, place the contact form above the fold.

Leverage Social Proof

Displaying your customer count and a handful of partner companies will inspire others to connect.

Brag about Your Social Life

Escort your visitors toward those platforms where you have the strongest presence.

Provide Alternative Ways to Connect

Not everyone wants to offer contact info. Here are a few alternatives:

  1. A chat box at the bottom of your contact page,
  2. Department-specific phone numbers,
  3. A WhatsApp contact,
  4. A community forum link,
  5. A comments box.

Consider an FAQ Link

An FAQ link or a Browse by Topic section can spare users the hassle of reporting non-issues.


Test everything out and measure the data before implementation. Always.

Feel free to use the below infographic whenever you need it. And happy form building!

Bonus: Our data management guide has some tips on how you could manage the information you collect with your contact form.

Contact Form Checklist 2020
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