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Error: The record could not be created in the [ObjectName] object. Reason: Use one of these records? | 123FormBuilder

Why does it show up?

The error message indicates that you have a Duplicate or Matching Rule active in your organization. The new record that our form creator tries to create does not pass that rule, so it fails to create the record.

Failed applications error

How to check for Duplicate or Matching rules

Check if you have an active Duplicate Rule for the object indicated in the error, and what is the criteria. In order to verify this, in Salesforce → Setup search for Duplicate Rule.

Salesforce Duplicate Rules

While still in Salesforce → Setup, check the Matching Rule to see what fields are verified to prevent duplicates.

Salesforce Matching Rules

How to fix it?

1. For a simple Matching Rule, with a single field:

You can set the form to update a record based on that field (which is used in Matching Rule criteria in Salesforce).

In the 123FormBuilder app → Salesforce Integration → Object Mapping, select your object. Then, under Record Preferences → Action to perform choose the option Update existing record.

A new option will show up: Update records if. Here you’ll need to select the field used in Matching Rule in Salesforce, and the corresponding one on your form.

For example, the email field in Salesforce is verified for duplicate leads. On the form, we can also check for the email and update a record instead of trying to create a new one when it matches that criterion.

Update records

2. For more complex Matching Rules:

Complex Matching Rules can involve multiple fields in the matching verification (e.g. FirstName, LastName, and Email in the screenshot below), or if another object is checked for duplicate values in relation to the mapped one.

To fix this, you need to create a query that searches for the record ID of the object involved in the Matching Rule. The query result can then be used to update the records.

Multiple Matching Rules

In the 123FormBuilder app, go to the Salesforce Integration → Query section and add your query.

Here’s a query example:

SELECT ID FROM Lead WHERE FirstName=`[{First NAme (1822184)}]` AND LastName=`[{Last name {1822185)}]` AND email=`[{Email(1822187)}]`
Salesforce Query

Once you validate the query, follow the same steps explained above. In the Object Mapping section, under Record Preferences choose Update records if Salesforce Record ID field is Query result, in this example, the Record ID:

Update records query result

Important Note

For existing entries with this error, you can update the mapping with the solution explained above. Then, from the Failed Applications tab in the forms Submission section, you can click on Resend to Salesforce to trigger the mapping again.
Resend to Salesforce

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Is this service free?
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