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We Are Discontinuing Support for Internet Explorer 11 on March 31st 2020

We maintain and develop the 123FormBuilder platform to support the latest and most stable web-browser versions. We highly recommend updating your browser to the latest version to have the best and most secure user experience across our services.

That said, we will drop active support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on March 31st, 2020. The discontinuation of our active support does not imply that the forms or the platform itself will suddenly be inaccessible to IE11 users. We will simply stop actively testing on IE11 once new updates roll out and, most importantly, we will no longer be able to provide fixes to bugs that occur exclusively on IE11.

Read on to find out why we have taken this decision and what you can do next to stay clear of any possible, albeit unlikely issue.

Why Are We Dropping IE11?

Seeing that other SaaS companies such as WIX and Atlassian have done it already, we have been debating whether or not to drop support for the IE11 browser for over a year now, and we have finally made the inevitable decision. These are our primary two reasons:

1. Like it or not, Internet Explorer 11 is outdated

Not that many people are using it these days and the IE11 desktop browser’s usage numbers are constantly shrinking. If Microsoft’s IE11 barely hangs on to the 5% mark of the global market share, our own internal user statistics show that only about 3% of people use it to access our client’s forms and less than 1% of our users access the 123FormBuilder platform through Internet Explorer.

Global market share held by leading internet browsers
Global market share held by leading internet browsers from January 2012 to September 2019

2. Microsoft is moving away from Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft is encouraging users to upgrade to Edge for all sorts of reasons, including security and technology incompatibilities. Continuing to use this dated desktop web browser generates what is known as technical debt. Technical debt amasses all of the costs of additional investments triggered by opting for easier technology solutions rather than adopting up-to-date tools that might take fairly longer to implement but have a real chance of solving more problems long term.

Next Steps?

Upgrading web apps to modern web standards is the best long-term solution. There are only two things you need to do in order to steer clear of any issues:

  1. Update your web browser. It is free.
  2. If you are using IE11 as a standard in your organization, we recommend that you contact the right person/department in your organization to have the browser updated.

Well, just one thing, really: update the web browser.

123FormBuilder Supported Browsers

Old browser versions might disable some 123FormBuilder features and cause navigation problems. If you are not using a recent browser version, 123FormBuilder cannot guarantee the stability and functionality of the platform’s features.

The following is the list of browsers currently (Nov. 12th, 2019) supported by 123FormBuilder, based on both usage of the 123FormBuilder features (builder) and display of forms as the end result (viewer):

  1. Google Chrome (major versions released in the last year)
  2. Safari (major versions released in the last year)
  3. Firefox (major versions released in the last year)
  4. Internet Explorer 11 (functional only) *dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 on 31 March 2020.
  5. Microsoft Edge (major versions released in the last year)
  6. Android smartphone and tablet (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
  7. iOS iPad and iPhone (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
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