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Get Inspired: Helping Businesses Find Their Voice

Welcome to the second installment of our series, Get Inspired. We’re showcasing stories of next-level design and features created on Wix websites in combination with 123FormBuilder.

Businesses build and strengthen their audience by telling a story that sparks curiosity while remaining relatable to customers’ goals and struggles. If you’re a marketing agency, your task is to help your business clients articulate their story and make sure it is seen and heard in contexts where interested people are waiting. It’s simple in concept, an ongoing challenge in practice.

Telling a story by asking for one

Hello Story is a marketing and content agency that helps businesses communicate their stories so that they can focus their efforts on their core products and services. Because tales of their past solutions may not be especially meaningful to new leads from different industries, Hello Story must ask for visitors’ stories rather than tell their own.

The agency teamed up with an expert at 123FormBuilder – David @ SSG Web Services to create a 2-minute content marketing health check on their Wix website. It’s an amazing way to get a conversation started and give customers an immediate idea of the areas that need development.


At first glance, the form looks extremely simple. That’s because the advanced functionality actually lives after submit. Based on the visitor’s feedback on existing content marketing efforts, the system creates an easy-to-use chart identifying opportunities to reach people through content.

Form submission with clear benefits to the visitor

Because the health checkup requests contact information, it is essential to show the visitor that it’s worthwhile to divulge contact information. Indeed, Hello Story makes a strong case with:

  • The offer of insight into the visitor’s content inventory, and where work is needed
  • An easy-to-read, visually appealing graphic that is easy to present to high-ranking officers at the visitor’s company
  • Free, personalized advice which informs discussions about potential paid services

Learn more about your agency’s future clients

Some form submissions will translate to a contract. The rest are a source of valuable information on the needs and pain points of other future clients. Some other reasons your marketing agency might benefit from a content survey include:

  • Keeping audience engaged after leaving your website
  • Gathering leads you can reach out to later
  • Fostering goodwill by listening and offering initial advice at no charge
  • Demonstrating your expertise through PDF downloads (e.g., white papers) and tips by email
  • Personalizing auto-responses which save time but invite further connection
  • Attaching downloads to auto-responses

Feeling engaged?

Has Hello Story got you inspired to drum up new leads through your Wix site? Sign up for a free 123FormBuilder account and start experimenting with clean, standards-compliant web forms. No coding skills required!

Want to leverage autoresponders like the content health check? Hire an Expert to build it!

Hire the Expert

In order to create the attractive charts, Hello Story worked with a Wix/123FormBuilder expert. Once it’s up and running, any 123FormBuilder paid plan can host your similar form with unlimited live support and no visible 123FormBuilder branding.

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