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Get Inspired: Tackle Tax Time with an Tax Organizer Form

Welcome to the third installment of our series, Get Inspired. We’re showcasing stories of next-level design and features created on Wix websites in combination with 123FormBuilder.

Whether you’re a tax preparer or a client, tax return season is a chaotic time. Anything that can harmonize the mass of reports, receipts, and statements to get returns done faster and better is a thing of beauty.

Mukiwa Financial Services is an accounting firm that handles tax returns for a variety of clients, including individuals, companies, and trusts. Their clients need a way to compile and deliver the documents and be sure nothing is overlooked. The team needs to receive the documents in an orderly way so they can work more effectively and spend less time scribbling down dictation, performing data management entry, and chasing loose ends.

Making returns less taxing

The firm, already up and running with a Wix-powered website, turned to Kate Bradshaw@Webtoday – Wix Australia Ambassador and 123FormBuilder Pro to create a custom form that would simplify the otherwise complex list of information and documents needed for the tax return process.

The result is a questionnaire and online tax organizer that takes some of the sting out of tax time. Moreover, the process has become so streamlined that Mukiwa has increased its capability to take on last-minute clients they would have previously turned away.

Go ahead, check it out!

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The online tax questionnaire is structured in five parts:

  • Personal details
  • Income
  • Tax-deductible expenses
  • Tax offsets
  • A fun surprise as a reward for finishing!

Ever since Mukiwa implemented its new online tax form, their clients have taken a stress deduction that defies even an accountant’s calculation.

  • Step-by-step guidance
    The online tax form breaks down an overwhelming responsibility into easy-to-understand steps.
  • Flexibility to save work and continue later
    Typically all documents and data are available when the client gets started, or it’s just not possible to finish everything in one sitting. Why let that hold things up? Mukiwa’s online tax form has a Save for Later option that lets clients save their answers and pick up where they left off.
  • Instant record-keeping
    Once all the info is entered, clients can use the Print option to get a hard-copy summary. As a green option, they can save their input as a digital file using the PDF option.

creating a web questionnaire with the 123FormBuilder editor animation

Streamlining Busy Season and Beyond

Mukiwa’s online tax questionnaire form helps the team do right by the clients who have placed their trust in them. Sure, it collects client data on the clients’ schedule and pace, but there’s so much more happening.

  • Multiple document uploads
    As clients go through the questionnaire, they can upload all supporting documents securely. This builds an organized collection of all data that will be used to prepare the return.
  • Hidden fields that display only when needed (Conditional logic)
    Long forms are scary. Long forms full of tax questions can be terrifying. Mukiwa’s tax questionnaire is designed to expand as necessary when answers require follow-up questions.

Want more?! Here are some ideas of what other options you could enable on your form:

  • Formulas
    The tax return questionnaire form features Calculation tools that offer a ballpark estimate of the amount the client will be refunded or owe.
  • Dropbox integration
    As the client completes the form a Dropbox folder in the client’s name is created. This keeps the documents consolidated and makes it easy to send completed work back to the client for review.
  • Google integration
    Submissions can be sent to Google Sheets, then the team can see how many clients are assigned to each member and distribute the workload accordingly.

Ready to work smarter?

If Mukiwa’s story has sparked some ideas for improving your client intake and workflow, sign up for a free 123FormBuilder account and start experimenting with clean, standards-compliant web forms. No coding skills required!

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The tax organizer was specially created by a Wix/123FormBuilder expert, according to the client’s requirements. The form includes advanced features (such as SSL encryption and expanded storage), so it requires the 123FormBuilder Platinum plan.

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