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Get Inspired: Booking a Trip to Tibet

Welcome to the first installment of our new series, Get Inspired. We’re showcasing stories of next-level design and features created on Wix websites in combination with 123FormBuilder.

Snow Mountain Adventures is a tour operator that organizes Tibetan expeditions for guests from all parts of the world. As you can imagine, a journey through Tibet is a highlight of the client’s lifetime. The customer experience has to be simple and successful—no second chances if things don’t go off with a hitch.
The first step to a great tour is to get to know the guest and their hopes for their trip. The operator needs so many pieces of information, including:

  • Interests: Adventure? Art? Buddhism? Wildlife? Festivals? Food? Specific landmarks?
  • Dates of trip and tour length
  • Number in party, adults, children, male, female
  • Special needs, especially dietary restrictions and medical issues

The guest, in turn, wants to get information on the various trip packages, book any extra options, ask questions, and get a price quote. Once they’re ready to commit, they need a way to secure their place with a deposit and finally pay and have written confirmation so they can leave home stress-free.

A Tall Order

Mountain adventure planning needs to be available 24/7 to accommodate customers in every time zone on earth. It also needs to be as clear and confusion-free as possible to reduce the need for calls and emails with time-lagged replies. Snow Mountain Adventures turned to an expert – Sian at SETDesign, that masters both 123FormBuilder and platforms, to create the website with a trip planner form that makes tour booking hassle-free for clients and operators alike.

The result is a booking form that the guests find simple and the operator finds straightforward to manage. In reality, the custom tour booking form has complex capabilities behind the scenes. Thanks to the 123FormBuilder form integrated in their Wix website, Snow Mountain Adventures can

  • Take new bookings automatically while the operator focuses on other things (especially the tours already in progress!)

    creating a web form with the 123FormBuilder editor animation

  • Collect secure payments from all over the world thanks to support for a variety of payment processors 

    123FormBuilder creating payment forms animation

  • Send a booking notification once the payment is sent
  • Offer coupon codes to guests who choose to pay upfront instead of a down payment or installments

    123FormBuilder payment options on order booking forms

  • Notify collaborators (e.g. mountain guides) when a guest books a package they provide
  • Customize form fields on the fly, showing only questions that are relevant to visitors’ choices
  • Block out dates that are unavailable, so that visitors can’t book a trip during dates that are already taken
  • Coordinate with colleagues by storing all bookings on a spreadsheet where all can view and make notes

Form-ing a smarter travel agency

Snow Mountain Adventures’ custom tour booking form keeps on giving long after the hassle-free booking has been submitted. Rich reports and analytics provide insights into customer interests by charting the most and least chosen options.

With that information, Snow Mountain Adventures can run campaigns to elevate overlooked options or look into new options that might catch on. They might even notice higher-priced items aren’t getting booked, so they can re-market to enhance its attractiveness or simplify it to reduce the price.

Better than postcards

Snow Mountain Adventures’ 123 form integrates seamlessly with customer engagement tools like Wix Contacts, Wix Engage, and Wix Shoutouts. That gives them access to powerful ways to keep in touch with past, present, and potential future guests.

What peaks can you reach?

Web forms are the door through which new customers enter into a relationship with your business and exit with a purchase. If you’re ready to step up customer engagement on your Wix site, sign up for a free 123FormBuilder account and begin creating on your own brilliant, standards-compliant forms that will give visitors the confidence to move forward. No coding skills required!

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creating a web form with the 123FormBuilder editor animation

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