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In education, summer is not only vacation time but also a good time to start planning for the next school year. For an educator having the right set of tools can mean not only an adaptation to the new technologies but also a good way to increase productivity. Putting up a software toolkit can be a good idea to help you in planning for better class activities, as well as save you time and money.

Having a wide selection of apps and devices will allow you to be creative and always be prepared when ideas for new activities emerge. Kids of all ages are keen on technology, thus providing new instruments will grasp their attention and keep them more focused.

So, now that your time allows it, play around and test some tools. Find the best ones and power up your teaching gears with new apps and education resources.

Top apps to put in your toolkit

First of all, let’s talk about the tool we know and love best: 123FormBuilder. It provides highly adaptable education forms, great for teachers and students. You can create fun education quizzes, student evaluation questionnaires, feedback forms and many more. We have special features to allow easy sharing, adding a wide range of integrations and build the perfect custom form to meet your needs. So besides from our top choice for your tool kit, here are some other cool solutions:

1. Teachers pay Teachers – a platform to check what other educators have as class materials, lessons and others. You can purchase quality documents and help a colleague or browse lots of free materials ready for use and adaptation. It can also be a great way to find new approaches on your lesson presentations.

2. Quizlet – a tool perfect for creating flashcards. It can help your students memorize different things in an interactive way. It’s like a fun trivia adapted to your own needs.

3. Planboard – for organizing lessons, it can be good especially if your schedule gets busy and you want to have a clear overview over each day of school.

4. Creaza – bring you students’ creativity to the next level. This tool allows pupils to create cartoons, brainstorming sessions and more. You can assign projects and let students choose the presentation method.

5. Evernote – it nearly became a must-have in lesson planning. It allows to capture images, materials and all other interesting information you find on the internet in an organized manner so they you can later use it for creating lessons. You can encourage your students to use it also to research certain subjects and share their ideas.

6.  Diigo – can be both a useful learning method and a planning tool. It’s basically a website providing paperless reading and organizing solutions. You can highlight content, add sticky notes and organize all your data so they you can easily use it later on.

7.  Animoto – can be used for video capturing, lesson recording, projects and more. It is a great tool if you plan to add video materials in your teaching methods. They can be customized with audio and texts, offering a creative solution for team projects and lesson presentation.

8.  Ning – a solution to create your own social network. Good especially if you do not trust big platforms which you cannot control. With this tool you will create your community where students can freely talk, share and bond.

9. Socrative – a simple way to engage students through smart devices, it is a solution to encourage learning through educational games and exercises. It gives teachers to control the flow of the exercises and even track the performance of their students.

10. StudySync –   it is a place where students can nurture their writing skills, share writing samples and receive review from other colleagues. Moreover they can access multimedia lessons and can be assigned assessment rubrics controlled by teachers.

All these are good solutions which can enhance your teaching methods and prepare you with new creative ideas for your students to benefit from in order to learn new things. Try them out and tell us your favorite!

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