What is an autoresponder/confirmation message?

The autoresponder (or confirmation message) is a message that is sent to form users when they hit Submit. The autoresponder content can be anything you wish: from a simple sentence confirming that the form submission has been received successfully to a more complex message containing follow-up information or details about special promotions.

To create an autoresponder, go to the SettingsNotifications section in your 123FormBuilder account. Under Form User Options, tick the checkbox Send a confirmation message to the sender (autoresponder). Now you can click on Customize to edit existing autoresponders, delete them or to create new ones. Tick the option Attach a file to this autoresponder if you want to add an attachment to your autoresponder.

Manage Autoresponders


  1. Palvi D says:

    I have a field “Order Id” that customer is supposed to fill up. Is is possible to add a validation rule which will check if the Order Id exists?

    • vlad says:


      Thank you for contacting us.

      There are two ways of doing this and both imply a database you should have with the available ids.

      With the first scenario, you could create rules in Settings –> Rules –> Field Rules, like this: If Order Id is not X or Y or Z, then hide the Submit button. This way, your users will not be let to submit the form unless the rules are met.

      Moreover, there is another solution for this and it uses one of our apps found in the Applications section. It is called CSV Connector and basically connects your form with a database you built.

      In case you have further questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us at support@123formbuilder.com.


  2. ali says:

    Can I create conditional rules in my form that affect the thank you confirmation window? I don’t want an email auto respondor, but i would like my thank you submission confirmation window to change depending on what the visitor selects in the drop down on the form. Is this possible?

    • Manu says:

      Hi Ali!

      You can create conditional rules to redirect your users to different pages depending on the selections on their forms but you can’t create conditional rules that will change the Thank You page.

  3. Todd Smith says:

    You should have an option to completely design an auto-response page (Shapes, colors, images, text etc.).

  4. Topdoctors says:

    Como colocar essa informação no auto responders:
    obrigado por entrar em contato conosco! nós entraremos em contato com você em breve.

    • Hello!

      From what I understand, you want to customize an autoresponder with the text you have provided. To do this, click the Create Autoresponder button within the autoresponder lightbox. It’s located on the top left side. Type in the name and the email subject of your autoresponder, and finally the text you want in the text area on the right. You can include form fields with the help of the dropdown located above the text area. Next, save the autoresponder and make sure it is selected in the dropdown from the NotificationsForm User OptionsAutoresponder section.

      For more information or assistance, please contact us at support@123formbuilder.com

      Our support specialists will more than gladly help.


  5. Muhammad ishaq says:

    hello sir 123formbuilder.com is a good site i like it and this work very good

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