Can I take form submitters to a page on my website after they have filled the form?

Sure. In the Notifications section, Form User Options subsection, select the second radio button: Redirect to a web page. Paste the URL in the box and your submitters will be redirected there. By default, the selected button is Show text; this is for showing a confirmation/thank you message after submission.

If you want to both show a message and redirect to a webpage, select the third radio button: Show text, then redirect to a web page . Type in the confirmation message and paste the url of your web page in the box below.

You can select from the dropdown list the way the webpage will open, in the default frame, in the same frame, in the parent frame or in a new frame (if browser alows it). Use the option that suits your needs best.


  1. Victoria Ison says:

    When I try to redirect my form users to a page in this way, I get a message that says “your URL is not valid!”
    This happens no matter what url I put there, whether from my site or just plain old
    Please help!

  2. Miles says:

    how can I redirect form submitters details to my email

  3. Team Hinton says:

    Regarding the question, “Can I take form submitters to a page on my website after they have filled the form?”– What package needs to be purchased in order to integrate this into my website?

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