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Can form users complete payments only if their submissions are approved?

Yes, you can add the option to charge your form users only when their submissions have been approved. For what is it good for? Well, let’s imagine a training program that has a preselection phase. Candidates will fill out a registration form that will be sent for approval. If the submission is approved, the submitter will receive an email with a link that leads to the payment of the event.

Now, what you need is a Platinum plan or higher to enable payments on your registration form. Next, follow the steps below:

1. In the form editor, make sure the Email field is required, so the submitter will not leave it blank.

complete payment ></p>
<p>2. In <b>Settings</b> → <b>Notifications</b> → <b>Form Owner Options</b>, go to <b>Email Header and Content</b> and make sure the Email field is associated to the option <b>From Reply-to Email</b>. Save changes when done. </p>
<p style=complete payment ></p>
<p>3. Next, hit the <b>Advanced</b> tab on the left and tick the option <em>Request approval of submission</em>. </p>
<p style=complete payment ></p>
<p>4. Choose the first option and type in the email address of the person who will review each submission (you or/and others). Don’t forget to save changes afterwards. If you want, you can use the second option and let the form users approve their own submissions.  </p>
<p>5. That’s it. Test your registration form in sandbox to see how it works. </p>
<p>Each approved submission will trigger an email with the link that redirects the submitter to the payments page.       </p>
<p style=complete payment ></p>
<p>If you want to change the name of the sender, return to <b>Notifications</b> → <b>Email Header and Content</b> and type in another name in <b>From Name</b> or add the input of a form field.</p>

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